Former GOP Rep. Barletta: I Am Running for Keystone State Governor to Undo Wolf’s Mismanagement of COVID-19, Crime, Economy & Schools – Nashville-Davidson, Tennessee

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Former Republican lawmakers running for Governor of Pennsylvania Star News Network After seeing Governor Tom Wolf and his family and businesses suffering under his pandemic policy, what made him run for Governor?

“In fact, we’re watching how Governor Wolf mismanaged the pandemic,” he said. Louis J. “Lou” BarlettaLeaved his home to challenge democracy Senator Robert P. Casey Junior, 2018. Wolves are for a limited time only and cannot be run in Phase 3.

“It didn’t make sense to me to choose which companies remained open and which companies closed. Literally, contrary to what science taught me, I closed the school and the kids. We didn’t send them to school for a year. A year of their education was robbed of them, “said the Hazelton natives, who he was mayor of.

“It’s very difficult to tell a Pennsylvania mother that her children don’t have the right to decide what is being taught at school,” he said.

“”Look at Philadelphia and its crimes,” He said.

“There is no doubt that law and order are at the top of our list-we will stand behind law enforcement men and women-Pennsylvania people we are behind them. You know to stand in-we go where the police have to bend their heads, which is what’s happening in Kensington, Philadelphia, where they aren’t allowed to do anything. ” He said.

“People want to be safe,” he said. “Look at illegal immigrants, and they’re coming in and robbing jobs,” he said. “It’s what’s happening, what’s coming from Washington, and the overall environment in which Democrats are leading us.”

Barletta said in addition to Wolf’s economic, social and educational failures. He was shocked that the governor sent an elderly person infected with COVID-19 to a nursing home with an otherwise healthy elderly person.

“When we return COVID-19-positive elderly people to nursing homes, 50% of the deaths in Pennsylvania occur in nursing homes, and when we find that they are the most vulnerable, our percentage is Cuomo was in New York, When Whitmer was in Michigan When New jersey murphy,” He said.

“Who do you think, if not me? It won’t be eight years before Democrats destroy their jobs in Pennsylvania, have Joe Biden in Washington, and have Democrats as governor. Hmm. I don’t think it’s the best for people. “

Beyond dealing with a pandemic, the Pennsylvanian people need a governor to kick start the economy, he said.

“People are having a hard time going to the grocery store,” he said. “They know there’s nothing on the shelves and the price is no longer what they can pay. Then they go to the gas station and fill the car.”

According to the former Cincinnati Reds outlook, the president presents himself as a Pennsylvania man, Scranton, He doesn’t understand where Keystone is today.

“When he wants to put an end to our gas industry, our natural gas industry, he doesn’t get Pennsylvania,” he said.

“He needs to know more than anyone else what it means for the family in which it works, for the men and women who depend on it in the communities that have benefited from it-literally destroying the future of Pennsylvania. It doesn’t make sense for anyone to try, someone who claims to be from Scranton and is very concerned about the people there. “

Barletta said the strengths of his major campaign were his parliamentary district and the name recognition and organization he built to win the Republican Senate nomination in 2018.

“My old parliament looked like Italy on the map,” he said. “It started in Wyoming County in northeastern Pennsylvania and spread to south-central Pennsylvania, so it’s been eight years as a member of the House of Representatives, and running across the state for the Senate in 2018, a state that no one else has. You will get the entire name ID. “

The three main candidates oppose Barletta.they are Joseph C. Gale, Commissioner of Montgomery County, anchored in the city of King of Prasha, northwest of Philadelphia. Charlie R. Gerov, A longtime Republican operative and strategist.When William M. MaxwayneHe was a US lawyer for President Donald J. Trump in the eastern part of Pennsylvania, including Philadelphia.

“Pennsylvania is a big state. It takes a lot of time and money to get my name ID,” he said.

“We get what we need. Obviously, others need to get more. We get everything we need to win the primary.”

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Neil W. McCabe Is the national political editor of Star News Network.. Follow him on Twitter: @ neilwmccabe2.

Former GOP Rep. Barletta: I Am Running for Keystone State Governor to Undo Wolf’s Mismanagement of COVID-19, Crime, Economy & Schools Source link Former GOP Rep. Barletta: I Am Running for Keystone State Governor to Undo Wolf’s Mismanagement of COVID-19, Crime, Economy & Schools

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