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Former Hawaii University slugger Mark Flores has left the country to continue his professional baseball career.

Flores, who was named the Chicago White Sox in the 30th round of the 2014 MLB Draft, was released by the organization in 2015. But his professional journey didn’t stop there. After two years of independent ball, he signed with the Mexican league Liereros de Aguascalientes in 2018. He has also played for Mayos Denabohoa, Argodneros de Guasabe, and now for Nabegantes del Magalan, who has been playing since signing in 2020.

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In 355 career games in Mexico, Flores hit .292 with 74 home runs. Earlier this month, he hit a record 45 home runs in the league’s home run derby and recorded 17 in the final.

“It’s pretty cool. I enjoy my time here in Mexico and have had a lot of success since I came here. It’s just a blessing to be able to continue playing baseball for years.” Flores told KHON2 Sports Director Rob Demero. “I just celebrated my 30th birthday on June 11th and didn’t expect to play baseball until my thirties, so it’s been a blessing and a great trip so far.”

“It’s great to be here in another country and in a way back to my roots. The whole history and traditions of Mexico here are also really cool so I can experience them all and I have a lot of success. Here it was really fun, and I’ll keep playing as hard as I can until they tear the jersey from my back.

“I’m still grateful to all the Hawaiian fans who still contact me, look at me and track my success. I’m really grateful. Hawaii always has a lot of aloha, love and everyone. I’m really lonely because he always takes care of me. I wish I could go back to college and start over again because it was such a wonderful experience and I made the best friends in my life. “

Former Hawaii slugger Marc Flores thriving in Mexico Source link Former Hawaii slugger Marc Flores thriving in Mexico

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