Former HPD Chief Art Acevedo suspended as Miami Police Chief with ‘intent to terminate,’ city manager – Riverside, California

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Miami City Manager Art Noriega said the relationship between police chief Art Acevedo and the police station and the community has “irreparably deteriorated.”

Miami — Former Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo has been suspended and will soon be unemployed, according to a statement from Miami City Manager Art Noriega.

Noriega issued a statement on Monday, stating that the relationship between Asevedo and the sector was “unacceptable and needs to be resolved quickly.”

Check out the live coverage of the ongoing hearing in Miami regarding the possibility of Acevedo’s suspension and termination.

Miami Mayor Francis X. Suarez said this was a difficult decision and “marked the beginning of the end of an unfortunate episode for our city.”

At a press conference on Tuesday, Saures said he supported Noriega’s decision and felt that he had made the best decision for Miami residents and employees.

“It’s clear that Prime Minister Asevedo has the qualifications and experience to be an effective police chief, but it’s also clear that his personality and leadership style are incompatible with the structure of our city’s government,” Saules said. Said.

See the full press conference of Mayor Suarez below.

Suarez said Suarez was offered to resign before the announcement of his suspension.

Suarez confirmed that Asevedo will address the issue through a hearing that is likely to be scheduled for Friday.

The full text of Noriega’s statement is as follows:

“Today, in line with the City Charter, I suspended police chief Art Acevedo with the intention of terminating his employment.

“The relationship between the chief and the organization has become intolerable and needs to be resolved urgently. In particular, the relationship between the chief and his police station and the community has deteriorated irreparably. Employers and employees The staff is appropriate and settles in a leadership style, but unfortunately Chief Asevedo is not suitable for this organization.

“It’s time to pursue new leadership in MPD. Police chief Manny Morales is appointed as interim chief because the city wants a permanent replacement.

“There is no further comment at this time as this issue is still a personnel issue between employees and employers.”

according to CBS Miami, 57-year-old Aseved said the police station was run by the “Cuba Mafia,” and there was tension in the city hall after demoting and dismissing some police and supervisors.

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History of Acevedo

Asevedo was appointed police chief in Houston in late 2016 and got a job in Miami earlier this year.

When he accepted the new position, Asebed said he wasn’t looking for an opportunity and initially turned down Miami’s work, but called for a decision to leave the “Journey of Faith.”

When Asebed was hired, Noriega quoted his achievements, dynamic personality and enthusiasm when he was introduced at a press conference.

“He was the first Hispanic to lead the Houston Police Department, which really helped us understand the complexities of the Hispanic community and helped us make a smooth transition to Magic City,” Noriega said at the time.

According to CBS Miami, Asevedo earns $ 315,000 a year, up from $ 295,000 earned by the Houston police. The chief of Miami before Acevedo earned $ 230,000.

Prior to working at the Houston Police Department, Asevedo led the Austin Police Department.

Former HPD Chief Art Acevedo suspended as Miami Police Chief with ‘intent to terminate,’ city manager Source link Former HPD Chief Art Acevedo suspended as Miami Police Chief with ‘intent to terminate,’ city manager

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