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Riverside, California 2022-05-03 17:40:49 –

The proceedings allege that the prisoner was hospitalized for more than three weeks as a result of the guard beating the prisoner more than 20 times.

Nueces County, Texas — A federal court paved the way for a proceeding filed by a former Nueces County prison inmate who was hospitalized after being beaten by a former prison guard.

Former inmates are suing individual guards and Nueces County. Attorney Chris Gayle represents the prisoner.

“We should participate, at least from the perspective of trying to solve the problem, except going to the jury,” Gale said. “When you go to a jury like today, someone wins and someone loses. That’s why some reasoning and logic should try to avoid this, especially if possible. It’s a reasonable solution. “

Proceedings against the county and prison officer allege that in July 2019, prisoner Adan Deleon was attacked by former corrector Bobby Joe Benavidez. The county has been accused of recognizing and admitting the assault only after the assault was recorded in the video and it was determined that he had attempted to delete the video.

“Most of the time we oppose the county, especially when dealing with the county, especially the prison, we are dealing with the use of force within the prison,” Gale said. “We also failed to provide medical care. This seems to be a series of facts commonly occurring from Nueces County Prison.”

According to the proceedings, the guard beat the prisoner more than 20 times, resulting in the prisoner being hospitalized for more than three weeks. He was treated for an orbital fracture, a nasal fracture, two rib fractures, and some cracked discs in his neck.

Benavidez, known as the “Panisher” around the prison, was dismissed last year shortly before being convicted of the assault, tampering with evidence and official crackdowns, according to the proceedings.

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