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Wichita, Kansas 2021-09-07 21:15:44 –

Haysville, Kansas (KSNW) – Former Lieutenant EMT and EMS wants the power of social media to help save his life.

“It’s a little difficult to ask for such a thing. That’s a big question,” Sean Lamb said.

Lamb, 45, was diagnosed with chronic renal failure a few years ago. However, it wasn’t until late 2018 that things turned to the worst.

“I wasn’t aware of where it was. I kept gaining weight and I kept gaining weight. I didn’t think it was the weight of the fluid,” Ram explained. “The week I was in the hospital, they drained 40 pounds of water from me. I was suffering from congestive heart failure, and I knew it was terminally ill and my kidneys weren’t working. “

Ram was forced to retire medically from Malvain EMS in January 2019, ending his 22-year career.

“I wasn’t ready to give it up yet, but I really didn’t have a choice on that issue,” he said.

It was around his medical retirement, Ram started going to dialysis three times a week for about four hours.

“When I first started, they told me it was like running a marathon, and it feels like when you’re done. You’re just completely wiped out and exhausted. “, Explained Ram.

The five fathers said their fatigue had reached a record high. He said it was becoming increasingly difficult to try to catch up with his children from the age of two to high school. This is one of the main reasons he recently sought kidneys on social media.

“I don’t ask if I have kids. So I’m doing that. If it was just me, I would. .. I just take the course and go with me, but my The kids are young, so I really want to be around for them and do something with them, “Lamb said.

No one in Lamb’s family is a donor match. He said he was anxious to find a donor when he began his fourth year of dialysis.

“When you first got on, the transplant center asks if there are any living donor options I didn’t, and they recommended you ask around. I said,” Really, You go to people for a kidney, it’s a kind of madness. ” I haven’t done that for a long time. I didn’t feel comfortable with it, but now I’m getting to do it for my kids, “Lamb said.

Lamb has been on the kidney transplant list for about a year. It took him two years to be healthy enough to be on the list. He said he could be forced to dialysis 5-7 days a week if new kidneys were not readily available. He said he was hoping someone would answer his call on social media.

“It’s amazing if you’re willing to give someone such a gift. I’m very grateful and have made a lot of effort to get to my current location. “He said.

If you want to know more about how to help Lamb, send an email to shawn.lamm @ yahoo.com to anyone who is serious about the process.

Former Kansas EMT puts plea on social media, can you donate a kidney? Source link Former Kansas EMT puts plea on social media, can you donate a kidney?

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