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Madrid (AP) — Felipe VI, Spanish lawmakers and others have been 40 years since the failure of the paramilitary coup attempt …

Madrid (AP) — Felipe VI, Spanish lawmakers and others celebrate 40 years as the coup attempt by the paramilitary organization did not upset the country’s peaceful transition to democracy, but the anniversary is now a financial scandal. The shadow is overshadowed by the absence of a former monarch who is suffering from.

Juan Carlos I was not invited to an event on Tuesday in 1981 at the same Capitol in central Madrid, where he was shot by more than 100 civilian guards who held the entire House hostage. ..

The ceremony, hosted by Chairman Merichel Battet, was also boycotted by seven of the 17 political groups in Parliament, including the Basque and Catalan nationalist parties, who oppose the Royal House’s involvement in the event.

Juan Carlos was originally anointed by the dictator General Francisco Franco as the successor to Spain’s real power. However, historians have concluded that the monarch helped strengthen Spain’s democracy, especially the 1981 rebellion led by those who supported the return to Francoism.

The coup was declared unsuccessful when the king appeared on television to support the new democratic government. Prior to his television speech, the country held its breath for 18 hours of congressional trials.

Suffering from a series of scandals and declining popularity, Juan Carlos abdicated in 2014 and retired from public life in 2019. He moved to the United Arab Emirates last year, just as new exposures to his financial misconduct were revealed and official investigations were launched in Switzerland and Spain.

The investigation caused anxiety in the Socialist Party-led left-wing coalition government and gave ammunition to those who wanted to abolish the monarchy.

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Former king absent as Spain marks 40 years since failed coup Source link Former king absent as Spain marks 40 years since failed coup

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