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Former Lenexa detective reacts to Golubski allegations – Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City, Missouri 2021-10-17 23:51:44 –

Kansas City, Kansas City — Former Renexa Detective Michael Bussel on KSHB41 News Allegation Detective Roger Golbski tells former Kansas City in Kansas I was in trouble..

“It hurt me because it hurt the badge, and there are just too many people out there just doing the right thing because it gets so badly polluted and trying a good case for it,” Bussell said. Said.

Bussel, now a private detective, says he was approached by a law firm working in an innocent case. La Monte McIntyreA man who spent 23 years in prison after being unfairly convicted of double murder in 1994. In this case, Golbsky was the chief investigator.

Today, Bussell states that these and other claims can have a lasting impact on the community.

“When police talk about the problems of these generations feared and felt as enemies, it just creates that distrust,” he said. generation. People don’t trust the police and raise their children to talk or do nothing. “

Bussell explains that distrust makes law enforcement jobs difficult because police need the help of the community to do their job.

“There is a need to crack down on the community,” said Bussel. “There are many police officers who just go out and talk to the community.’What are your fears? Trust the police? Would you like to try that kind of thing you see more today.

“I think it would be a great help because police officers can’t work without the masses. They have to get the help of the masses, but the masses also have to trust the police.”

Nevertheless, Bussell hopes that these high-profile claims will be a wake-up call to departments and executives around the world. Improving the communities they serve..

“This is a great training opportunity. For young cops, this is a great teaching moment that cannot be escaped. So work, do it with honor, do it in good faith, and do it. You do it. The best way you can, but I think it’s a great example of what you shouldn’t do for young police officers. “

Former Lenexa detective reacts to Golubski allegations Source link Former Lenexa detective reacts to Golubski allegations

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