Former Librarian Hosts Art Show at Wauwatosa Library – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2021-07-20 09:58:49 –

Off the Cuff caught up with artist John Sues and discussed his paintings and current exhibition at the Wauwatosa Public Library in July.

How many pictures do you draw?

I started painting at the age of three and started painting when I was in elementary school. I became more of a hobby when I was a teenager, but when I worked at the Milwaukee Public Museum for 34 years and started my family, I was mostly on the back burner. After retiring in 2007, I started taking it seriously again and have been painting very regularly for the past 14 years.

This is the first art exhibition in the library since the pandemic began. How does it feel?

I’m very lucky. I am grateful to the Wauwatosa Library for giving me the opportunity to showcase my art for the enjoyment of the community. The show was originally booked last summer and it’s great to be able to visit the place and interact with others again a year after we all spent. It has been postponed for a long time and I hope many will check it out. Sorry for the librarian’s puns!

Which subject do you like best? How would you describe your style?

My favorite theme is landscapes, especially local landscapes. I’m inspired outdoors. When I work in the garden, play golf, take a walk or drive, I often find myself fascinated by the beauty of nature and stop capturing it with my camera. Then bring it back to life on the canvas. I mainly work with acrylic paints and sometimes oil paintings. My style is Impressionism, Tonalism, Color Field, and Realism.

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What is it like to sell your art?

For me, it’s not just about selling my work. I love connecting with other artists and fans and getting feedback from people about what I like and dislike about my work. Whenever I sell or give a painting to someone, I’m always happy because I know that more people are enjoying my work, not just decorating it in my home.

Since sharing my hobbies with others, I have received many requests and I love to respect their needs. In 2019, I was asked by the parish Christ King to create a piece to commemorate the 80th anniversary of its founding. The largest of these paintings, the 30×40 acrylic painting, King Christ, is on permanent display in the church. In addition, four other pieces that capture the iconic spire of the local church seen in each season are exhibited in the entrance hall.

Some have been asked to draw pictures of everything from children and pets to homes, and to take meaningful pictures when traveling abroad.

Currently on display

Currently, more than 30 Sues works are on display until July 31st, past the circulation desk of the art gallery on the first floor of the Wauwatosa Library. The work included in the show is an excerpt from Suess’s “Road Trips” series featuring rural landscapes around southeastern Wisconsin such as Hartford, Prairie and Kettle Moraine. Landscape grouping. Many are also based on local vantage points. And a wide variety of floral patterns.

Exhibits are free and viewed during normal library hours (Monday-Thursday 9 am-7pm, Friday 9 am-5pm, Saturday 9 am-1pm, closed on Sundays) I can do it. A complete collection of Suess can be found on his website And fans can follow him Instagram And Facebook..Many of his works are for sale at Etsy Visitors to the library exhibits will enjoy a special price for the works included in the show.

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