Former military leaders warn that US democracy is “more vulnerable than ever”

“”“Today we have unprecedented concerns about our country and our democracy. The country we have defended for decades is truly at stake. increase. ‘

It was an excerpt from USA Today Editorial Written by five former military personnel encouraging Americans and politicians to follow democratic norms and support democratic institutions.

“For those of us who are dedicated to protecting democracy abroad, the time will come when our efforts will appear to be overshadowed by the erosion of democracy here in the country,” the editorial said. .. “And for those of us focused on domestic security, the tyranny forces have now overcome and inherited traditional foreign threats.”

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These are civil servants who named their editorials.

  • General Michael Hayden (US Air Force) is Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, Director of the National Security Agency, and Deputy Director of National Intelligence.

  • Lieutenant General James Clapper (US Air Force) served as Director of National Intelligence, Defense Intelligence Agency, Defense Intelligence Agency, and Defense Intelligence Agency.

  • General Stanley McCrystal (US Army) commanded the Joint Special Operations Command.

  • Lieutenant General Douglas Root (US Army) was NATO’s US Ambassador from 2013 to 2017.

  • Lieutenant General Mark Hertling (US Army) served as General Commander of the US Army Europe and the 7th Army.

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This work also advocates the participation of US politicians. Safe and Fair Election Pledge (SAFE)Their website states a nonpartisan pledge calling on elected officials to “strengthen our national security by committing themselves to democracy, safe and fair elections, and the rule of law.” I am.

The story comes when American confidence in democracy has been eroded in recent years. According to January Voting from Ipsos / NPR64% of Americans believe that democracy in the United States is “at risk of failure at risk.”

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Opinion polls show that two-thirds of self-aware Republicans believe in false claims that a large number of fraudulent votes helped President Joe Biden win the 2020 elections.

“There is some dual reality that not only did the partisans happen on January 6th a year ago, but they are generally approaching presidential elections and democracy.” Ipsos Vice President Mallory Newall said.

The January 6th Committee We are currently holding several inquiries to further explain the 2021 US Capitol riots.The committee Interview with over 1,000 people A person who was directly or indirectly involved in an attack on the Capitol.

Former military leaders warn that US democracy is “more vulnerable than ever”

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