Former MPD Chief Morales to become new police chief in Fitchburg – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2021-09-27 20:43:45 –

Fitchberg, Wisconsin-Former Milwaukee Police Chief Alfonso Morales will be the new chief of Fitchberg on the outskirts of Madison.

Community police and fire commissions voted in favor of hiring Morales tonight (Monday) to fill a position where Matthew Raha is playing an interim role.

Morales has been absent from work since he retired from the Milwaukee Police Department in August 2020 after being demoted by the Fire and Police Commission. Since retiring, Morales has successfully sued the city, and its demotion has reached a settlement of $ 627,000.

Morales was one of two finalists in Fitchberg’s work.

In order for Morales and the city to complete their employment, Morales must undergo physical and psychological tests and pass drug tests. Upon completion of these conditions, he may be hired within a month.

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