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Brooklyn Mayor Eric Adams appeared to have fragile leadership in the New York Democratic primary on Tuesday, but in the first city-wide elections using ranked choice votes. It can take weeks before it becomes clear who is the top.

As ballot counting began, more Democrats ranked Adams as the first choice for the race than any other candidate.

However, it was not clear if the lead could not yet be counted in absentee votes of up to 207,500. The full ranking of candidates’ voters has not yet been considered and could be in July before the winners appear.

Adams, a former police captain who co-founded a leadership group for black officers, was in front of former city health director Kathryn Garcia and former De Blasio executive lawyer Maya Wiley.

Adams spoke with supporters of delight and admitted that he hadn’t won yet, and that there were multiple rounds of ballot still remaining under the ranked selection system.

“We know it will be two, three, four,” he said. “But there’s more we know. We know what New York City said:” Our first choice is Eric Adams. “

Former presidential candidate Andrew Yang, who was far behind in his early return, admitted about two hours after the polls were over and he vowed to work with the next mayor.

In the Republican primary, Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa defeated businessman Fernando Mateo. Voting for ranked options was not a factor, as there were only two candidates in the race.

Some candidates in the competition to take over Bill de Blasio, if elected, have the potential to make history. The city may win the first female mayor or the second black mayor, depending on who is at the top.

But in democracy contests, the first picture can be misleading. After the vote ended at 9 pm, the New York City Election Commission began announcing the results of the direct vote, but returns focused on those who were ranked as the first choice by voters.

In addition to Adams, Garcia, Wiley, and Yang, other candidates for the Democratic contest include city accounting auditor Scott Stringer, former US Housing Secretary Sean Donovan, former Citigroup executive Ray McGuire, and nonprofit executive Dianne.・ Morales was included.

Democratic Party De Blasio will resign at the end of the year due to term restrictions.

About 800,000 people are expected to vote in the Democratic primary. According to the New York Times, This is an increase from the last competitive mayor primary in 2013. Given the city’s left-handed political tendencies, primary winners will almost certainly win the November elections.

After the vote ended at 9 pm, the New York City Election Commission was planning to publish some of the results of the direct vote, but data on candidates whose first candidate was ranked as their first choice. The first image can be misleading as it only contains.

The 2019 referendum allowed voters to rank up to five candidates on ballots with a ranked selection system approved for use in the New York primary and special elections. ..

Among the slow streams of voters in Queens on Tuesday was Min Kwon, 26, who voted for Wily, a civil rights lawyer who has emerged as a leading progressive candidate in recent weeks.

“Her attitude towards police is a big refund and one of the things I really like about her,” said Kwon, LGBTQ + rights, housing rights, and racial. He added that he supported Wily’s position on justice.

Morales, a progressive former non-profit leader and fellow police critic, whose campaign is Derailment due to battle, Was his second choice.

The election season, which began with a call for at least a partial reimbursement of New York police stations, saw a surge in shootings shake the debate in the opposite direction, the “Defund the Police Police” movement, and support Widely hated Stop and Frisk Policing Tactics, At the top of the poll.

People stand in the privacy booth when filling out ballots on the PS250 during the New York City primary in Brooklyn. Photo: Andrew Kelly / Reuters

Wily avoided using the term “refund police”, Save at least $ 1 billion From the NYPD budget – it’s $ 5.8 billion Last year was the best ever and we transferred the money to social programs and mental health workers.

Most candidates have proposed policies that seek to curb police atrocities, but how they are achieved is different.

“I think the police here in New York have to be as big as they are now. There are other resources available to help with police funding, especially for homeless people and mental illness,” Kwon said.

When choosing a candidate, Kwon asked himself, “When do you actually feel safe when the police are nearby?” And when the police are nearby, especially as a colored person, I don’t feel safe. “

Kali Howitt, 39, is a former New York health commissioner who voted for Kathryn Garcia, who rose in polls after being supported. New York Times And that New York Daily News..

“I like her experience,” Howitt said.

“I feel that I need someone who is experienced, even though I need to change from the current situation. I need someone who has experience in government, knows how to operate it, and basically does not come out of nowhere. is.”

Mr. Howitt said he chose Shaun Donovan, the Obama administration’s Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, as the second option “for essentially the same reason” and was pleased with the introduction of voting for the ranked options.

“I really like it because your vote is important even when your first person is knocked out of the race,” she said.

New York City Mayor Candidate Maya Wiley greets voters outside the polling place.
New York City Mayor Candidate Maya Wiley greets voters outside the polling place. Photo: Justin Lane / EPA

Andrew Yang, tech entrepreneur, 2020 presidential candidate, Leading polls for weeks Before Adams emerged as a top candidate in May. The final poll suggests that Adams has widened the gap with his rivals, with Wily, Garcia and Yang running just behind him.

On Tuesday night, we will identify the winners of the early and same-day votes, then open the votes by mail, and then continue to vote for the second option, and in some cases the third, fourth, and fifth options. ..

By July 12, after months of elections and weeks of primaries, New York City residents will finally need to know the identity of the next mayor.

The Associated Press contributed to the report

Former police captain Eric Adams takes early lead in New York primary | US News

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