Former police captain Eric Adams wins New York City Mayor’s Democratic primary | New York

Former police captain Eric Adams New York The city after appealing to the political center and promising to strike the right balance between the fight against crime and the end of racial injustice in the police.

Adams, if elected, will be the city’s second black mayor. He won a wide range of fields in New York’s first major race using ranked choice voting.

As of Tuesday night, Adams was one point ahead of his closest rival, Kathlingalcia, according to the latest votes. Associated Press Declaration Adams, the winner of the race, shortly after the release of a new round of total votes.

“The number of votes still counted is very small, but the results are clear. A historic and diverse five-ward coalition led by a working-class New Yorker led us to victory,” said Adams. I am. In the statement.. “Now we have to focus on the victory in November.”

The number of votes updated on Tuesday included about 125,000 absentee votes. Face-to-face and early voting were previously published on June 29th. Adams was in the lead..

Adams’ closest defeated rivals campaigned as technocrats and received progressive support, including support from former city hygiene commissioner Garcia, who proved to be a problem solver, and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. Included was Maya Wiley, a former city hall legal adviser.

Andrew Yang, a 2020 presidential candidate known for his proposal for basic income, was an early favorite, but declined in the race.

Democratic primary winners could win the appropriate mayoral elections in November, given the city’s left-wing politics and unprecedented Republican opponents. Curtis Sliwa, the host of Talk Radio and the founder of the Guardian Angels Volunteer Security Group, won the Republican Preliminary Election.

The New York City Election Commission has raised new criticisms on Tuesday when it announced its results after 7 pm local time, and had previously promised to reveal the total during “branch hours.”

Delays occurred after the board plunged the Democratic primary Chaotic Last week, when the ballot count mistakenly included 135,000 “test ballots.”

The mistake showed that former New York health commissioner Kathryn Garcia narrowed the gap with Brooklyn President Eric Adams. Less than 2 points..

But a few hours later, the Election Commission said it noticed a “mismatch” in the report. The Election Commission said the calculation “included both test and election night results, creating about 135,000 additional records.”

This error confused the ranked preferential voting system that was first used in this year’s New York City mayoral elections.

On Tuesday morning, the Election Commission adopted Gribtone in its Twitter feed, as voters speculated when a second batch of results would be released.

“Today’s release promises to have more brunch specials than club hours.” BoE tweeted.. The tweet was sent at 8:48 am, but by the time the results finally arrived, it was well beyond most people’s definition of branch time.

Former police captain Eric Adams wins New York City Mayor’s Democratic primary | New York

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