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Former reporter sickened by COVID-19 leaves rehab after 10 long weeks of treatment in Norfolk – Virginia Beach, Virginia

Virginia Beach, Virginia 2021-10-15 16:45:07 –

Norfolk, Virginia (WAVY) —In the heat of summer 10 On Your Side first met Debbie Cohen On the phone after she called from Norfolk Consulate Healthcare where the air conditioner broke down.

In a telephone interview, Cohen actively coughed, gasped for air, and shouted for help when the oxygen system was temporarily shut down. Electricity was restored, the HVAC system was repaired, and in the weeks that followed, the summer slowly fell.

On October 15th, a pleasant but warm autumn day, Cohen returned to his home in Virginia Beach.

She had been treated by a doctor for 10 weeks with COVID-19 and several related long-distance transport symptoms such as tachycardia, rapid heartbeat, severe malaise, weakness, and disorders that cause prolonged coughing. ..

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Just outside the beautifully decorated greenhouse of Consulate Healthcare, Cohen met 10 On Your Side for her first face-to-face interview.

“I would like to thank all the nurses and all the CNAs. I know they are working really hard and sometimes stressed by the shortage of health care workers.” She said.

The trial began in early August when she was admitted to Centara Princess Anne Hospital. There she was diagnosed with the potentially deadly COVID-19, a disease caused by the new coronavirus.

“Looking back at what I experienced. It’s scary to be out of breath and take a breath. I hope you feel like you can’t breathe with the fish in the water and take a breather just to live.” Cohen said.

She was also diagnosed with pleurisy, an inflammation of the membranes surrounding the lungs.

“It was as if someone was digging my chest for 24 hours with a knife. And it’s the same with some painkillers. It’s an overall suffering. It’s the most I’ve ever experienced. It was a horrifying experience and at some point I thought I would really die, “she said.

Two weeks later, she was transferred to a consulate where doctors treated her for long-distance transport disorders.

Regina Mobley: “So Debbie, you had the opportunity to get the vaccine. Why didn’t you get shot?”

Debbie Cohen: “That’s two reasons why I had eczema and allergies … the second reason-and admits I was wrong-many even on television I say the vaccine is a hoax. I was listening to people and some prominent people. [For example], You may die in a year, you can be tracked, it edits or modifies your DNA. I found it strange, but these were prominent people. “

Cohen quoted Robert F. Kennedy Jr... As one of her false sources. Kennedy Jr., the son of the murdered presidential candidate and an environmental lawyer, was banished from Instagram for spreading false information about the coronavirus and vaccines.

A former journalist with two master’s degrees from Regent University walked the oceanfront of Virginia Beach for a long time. When you get home, you have to practice just walking around the house.

She will receive the first dose of coronavirus vaccine at the end of November. Cohen has this message that hesitates to vaccine: the numbers are not on your side.

“I encourage people to vaccinate because they think about your options and statistics. Which group is dying? Are there more vaccinated or unvaccinated?” She says. I did.

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Former reporter sickened by COVID-19 leaves rehab after 10 long weeks of treatment in Norfolk Source link Former reporter sickened by COVID-19 leaves rehab after 10 long weeks of treatment in Norfolk

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