Former Secretary of Defense sue for material withheld from memoirs of the Trump era | Trump administration

Former U.S. Secretary of Defense Mark Esper has improperly withheld material in a proceeding against the Pentagon as he seeks to publish an “innocent and candid memoir” of his time in Donald Trump’s cabinet. Claims.

The proceedings filed in the US District Court in Washington on Sunday explain the memoir “Holy Oath” as an explanation of Esper’s tenure as Secretary of the Army from 2017 to 2019 and 18 months as Secretary of Defense. I am. Ended when Trump fired him in a tweet Only a few days after the president lost his bid for reelection.

When Esper was the Pentagon’s chief, “citizen anxiety, public health crises, rising threats abroad, Pentagon transformation, and the White House appearing unprecedented to evade the Constitution. It was “time,” the proceedings said.

Esper and playing cards There was a big division over the use of the army in the meantime Citizen’s anxiety in June 2020 Following the murder of George Floyd. Other issues have led the president to believe that Esper is not loyal enough while he believes that Esper is trying to keep the sector non-political. It was unprecedented to dismiss the Secretary of Defense after an election defeat, but with this opening, Trump continued to challenge the election defeat, placing supporters at the top of the Pentagon. Was completed.

The proceedings allege that the “significant text” of the memoir, due out by William Morrow in May, was improperly held under the guise of confidentiality, and Esper did not contain sensitive information. doing. The proceedings state that Esper is restricted by his secret agreement to allow publication without the approval of the Pentagon, or faces the possibility of civil and criminal liability.

The proceedings criticize the review process, citing from a letter Esper sent to Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin. He wrote that he was asked not to quote Trump or others at meetings, explain conversations with Trump, or use specific verbs or nouns to describe historical events. increase.

The letter explains other problematic subjects and states that about 60 pages of the manuscript contained temporary edits. Agreeing to all these edits would result in “a serious injustice to important historical moments that Americans need to know and understand,” Esper wrote.

The proceedings themselves were leaked to some mainstream media that “may undermine the impact” that would have been in his book, with some explanations involving Esper in the manuscript under consideration. It seems to be.

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said the Pentagon is aware of Esper’s concerns. “Like all such reviews, the department takes the obligation to balance national security with the desires of the author’s story seriously. Given that this issue is currently in proceedings, no more. I refrain from commenting. “

Westpoint graduate and Gulf War veteran Esper, 57, said in a statement that he waited six months for the review process to complete, but said, “My uncategorized manuscript is arbitrary without a clear reason. It was edited in a strict manner. “

“I’m disappointed that the current administration violates the rights of my first Amendment to the Constitution, and I’m currently available to tell the American people my whole story. It’s a shame that the only way is legal, “he said.

Former Secretary of Defense sue for material withheld from memoirs of the Trump era | Trump administration

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