Former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan asks Republicans to refuse Trump and his compliments

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After recovering from two years of relative silence, former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan participates in the fight against Donald Trump and rejects other conservatives from the former president’s divided politics and Republican leaders who imitate him. I urged you to do it.

Ryan spoke in a Thursday evening speech at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in California. He was critical of both Republicans and Democrats, but most often because of modern Republican leader Trump. To save his sharp thorns.

“It was horrifying to see the president come to such a disgraceful and shameful end, referring to Trump’s deadly attack on the US Capitol on January 6th,” Ryan said.

“Once again, we conservatives are at a crossroads,” continued Ryan. “And there is a reality we have to face. If a conservative cause relies on a person’s populist charm or second-class imitation, we go nowhere. Voters looking for Republican leaders want independence and spirit. They won’t be impressed by the Jesusmen and flatters flocking to Ma a Lago. “

It’s unclear how Ryan’s words will affect the broader battle for the future of the Republican Party. Ryan, who was nominated as a Republican vice presidential candidate in 2012, was the most respected in the capital before the rise of Trump. One of the Republicans who was there, his outright contempt for Trump after his two-year term is inconsistent with the majority of Republican voters and elected officials.

Despite Mr. Trump’s continued push for similar false allegations, a small but ever-growing group of anti-Trump Republicans is struggling to take the party in a new direction. Capitol riot. At the same time, Trump is openly considering running for another presidential election in 2024.

Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert blamed Ryan on Twitter prior to his speech.

“It’s really amazing that Paul Ryan, who caused the Republican Party to lose the House of Representatives in 2018, came out today and blames Trump for the Republican issue,” she said. Liz Cheney, Republican. “Paul, the problem is you and your fellow Liz.”

Ryan spoke as the opening speaker for the Reagan Library’s “Time of Choice” series on Thursday, and later became a 2024 Republican presidential candidate, including former Vice President Mike Pence, former United States Ambassador to the United States Nikki Haley, and former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Will be featured.

People close to Ryan, 51, don’t expect him to run for office again, but he’s paying close attention and worried about the party’s future. Republicans in Wisconsin said Fox. He is also a board member of Fox Corp., which owns News.

In his statement, Ryan described President Joe Biden’s agenda as “more left-wing than any president in my life,” and said he would explode federal spending under the Democratic Party of Japan, which controls Washington. He warned. He lamented Republican interest in cultural warfare and “identity politics” at the expense of conservative principles.

“Culture is important, of course, but our party must be defined by more than the latest complaints and struggles for what is neglected,” he said. Do not prioritize them over principle-based solutions to improve their lives. “

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Republicans have the opportunity to win elections and tackle important policy agendas, but Ryan continued, unless they acted their way.

“If this test fails, it’s because the progressive left wins by default,” he said. “Maybe it’s because the conservative cause got lost, chased the left and fell into the trap of identity politics, defining itself by resentment rather than ideal. It’s a coherent agenda of reactionary skirmishes in cultural warfare. Because we were so loyal to one passing politician that we were not sufficiently loyal to our principles. “


Source: Associated Press, TMJ4 News

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