Former Speaker of the House runs for reelection despite federal crime – Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland, Ohio 2020-10-17 09:04:40 –

* See previous report on arrest of rally householders above. *

Columbus, Ohio (AP) — Four writing candidates who once tried to leave a strong politician for a shameful former Speaker of the House, Larry Householder, to race in rural Ohio. is included. He has been charged with a $ 60 million bribe system.

Four challengers from different political parties and backgrounds are attacking the suspicious ethics of the head of household and his role in passing a nuclear bailout bill at the heart of a scandal that is currently facing new scrutiny at the State Capitol. It is unified in. Still, given the strong ties in his hometown of Perry County and the support of the local Republicans, the head of household victory is likely to occur in District 72.

He is the only candidate listed on the ballot and does not support the Democratic challenger. The Republican-rich district also covers Coshocton and Licking counties in eastern central Ohio.

The candidate under writing is Kaitlyn Clark, a 20-year-old college student in Koshokton. Republican Jay Conrad, 29-year-old Marine Corps veteran and New Lexington college student. Robert Reist, a 51-year-old maintenance coordinator and libertarian from Koshokton. And Mercy McCaulejye, a 69-year-old psychologist and Democrat of Thornville. Clark’s political parties are not listed on the Election Commission.

Each candidate has a different policy plan for the district, but all of them agreed that the residents of the district deserve an ethical representative at the Ohio House following the arrest and prosecution of the householders.

All candidates also said they would support the abolition of House Bill 6, a nuclear bailout bill at the heart of the federal investigation that led to the expulsion of the head of household as Speaker of the House in July. Candidates claimed seats during the October 10 debate that householders were invited to attend but did not attend.

Two lawmakers were charged in July with extortion of a bribery program allegedly passing a $ 1.3 billion bailout from two Ohio nuclear power plants. Homeowners add new rates to all electricity prices in the state, behind the financial bailouts of nuclear power plants, which directed more than $ 150 million annually to power plants near Cleveland and Toledo by 2026. It was one of the driving forces in.

Hours after FBI agents attacked Householder’s farm, U.S. lawyer David Devillers called the tactic the biggest bribe and money laundering “everything has been done to the people of Ohio.” I explained that it was a plan.

He is also a householder adviser, Jeffrey Longstreth, a longtime state legislature lobbyist Neil Clarke, a former Ohio Republican chairman Matthew Borges, and a co-founder of Columbus-based consulting firm Oxley Group. Juan Cespedes was also charged. All five men pleaded not guilty.

Less than two weeks after he was arrested, the House of Representatives resolved to remove the householder from the speaker and replace it with Republican Rep. Bob Cup. The Bob Cup is the person that members of the GOP party saw as opposition to householders.

But even as federal crimes looming over his reelection campaign, along with some other investigations that have surfaced since then, including those brought by the state prosecutor’s office and the electoral chief, householders I ignored the call to abandon the house sheet.

Republican Secretary of State Frank Laros called on householders to resign. He also said this situation is a good example of why political parties should ensure that candidates run for all races.

Republicans in the House of Representatives considered removing him from the Chamber of Commerce immediately, but before November 3, voters could re-election him and he would not be expelled twice. The only current option for both parties is to wait until the legislative assembly begins in January and consider expulsion or impeachment of householders.

Ohio law prohibits anyone convicted of felony or bribery from taking office, so if re-elected, the landlord will automatically be convicted of a racketeering conspiracy. Will be dismissed.

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