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Tucson, Arizona 2021-07-30 01:57:43 –

For over 40 years at Tucson, Yoichi Tomita has trained gymnasts at the gymnastics stadium in Tucson.

Kerri Strug, a Tucson famous for the vault at the 1996 Olympics, was one of the many people he worked with for many years.

Tomita was supposed to be in Tokyo throughout the match against Team USA, but instead he could only be there before the tournament. Most recently, returning from a trip, he continues his mission to coach the next generation of gymnasts in the region.

He is currently preparing 17-year-old Adriel Isai Perales Valencia to compete in the 2024 Olympics.

“It’s almost a boy’s dream to be a man’s job,” Valencia said of the idea of ​​watching the Olympics, knowing that he might be there four years from now.

But for Tomita, it’s more than a competition for the athletes we work with.

“I think that what you can do with gymnastics is to really contribute to the growth of people,” says Tomita. “It’s not just backflips and handstands. You learn to be patient and get up after a failure. That’s part of what gymnastics can teach.”

He said growth was the most important thing for him.

“It’s very rewarding to see children succeed not only in gymnastics but also in life,” Tomita said.

Tomita said he focuses on athletes, both as gymnasts and as humans.

Gymnastics Many gymnasts in the world respect the members of Team USA, especially Simone Biles.

Tomita said she wishes the best after her Withdraw from the general tournament..

“There is tremendous pressure for gymnasts to deal with,” Tomita said.

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Former Team USA Coach inspires gymnasts in Tucson Source link Former Team USA Coach inspires gymnasts in Tucson

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