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Former Tennessee Top Vaccine Officer Michel Fiscus has sued the Tennessee Department of Health and its top two officers over her dismissal in July.

The proceedings filed in the U.S. District Court in Nashville are injunctive caused by firing and “defamation statements” alleged by Fiscus by Lisa Piercy, Commissioner of the Ministry of Health, and Tim Jones, Chief Medical Officer. He states that he is suing for relief and damages.

NS Proceedings Fiscus asked for a hearing to reveal his name, but said he was denied.

Fiscus was dismissed by the state in early July, and after her dismissal, the Ministry of Health released a memo from Jones outlining the reasons for her dismissal.

“”[Communicable and Environmental Diseases and Emergency Preparedness Division] Leadership and TDH personnel received multiple complaints from program staff. [Fiscus’] Management style, employee treatment, and low program morale, “says the memo.

Fiscus said she didn’t see the letter until it was sent to the media. She argues that her dismissal was related to a memo sent to the vaccine provider about the doctrine of mature minors, which sets out the case law of 1987, and minors vaccinated without parental consent. I interpreted it as meaning that I could choose to receive medical treatment including.

“This letter should have been considered by both leaders and departmental legal counsel,” Jones wrote in a memo to Piercy on July 9 about the dismissal of Fiscus. “But Dr. Fiscus did not share the letter and otherwise did not include any of these parties in the drafting process before sending it. This action was a private donor, parent, and. It has created a turmoil in both law and policy for legislators. “

The Fiscus case filed on Thursday shows an email in which she received a mature minor doctrine interpretation from Grant Marines, a lawyer at the Ministry of Health, on May 6. The Fiscus case states that her memo is exactly the same as that sent by Malins.

The proceedings in Fiscus allege that Jones’ memo contains “false stigma allegations,” including “accusations of financial improperness and self-transactions regarding Dr. Fiscus’ role in ImmunizeTN.” ..

According to the proceedings, Fiscus was accused of funding ImmunizeTN, but in reality it has no financial interest in nonprofits and only serves as an advisor.

Citing a 2019 review of her work from Jones, who praises her involvement in nonprofits, Fiscus said:[Dr. Fiscus] Taken initiative to start a state-wide coalition [ImmunizeTN] This has been very successful. “

Fiscus said he had sent a formal letter to Malins and the Ministry of Health regarding a hearing to reveal his name, but was rejected. Her proceedings say she will sell her home and move to Virginia.

“This move is necessary because it has damaged her reputation in Tennessee and effectively seized further opportunities to work in public health in the state,” the proceedings said.

The Fiscus case states that she was officially dismissed on July 12, but the decision was made on July 8 at a meeting between Governor Piercy, Bill Lee and the leader of the Tennessee State Council’s Government Steering Committee. Made inside. One day before Jones’ notice of dismissal.

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Jon Styf is a reporter for Center Square.
Photo “Dr. Michel Fiscus”

Former Tennessee Vaccine Official Sues State Over Termination Source link Former Tennessee Vaccine Official Sues State Over Termination

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