Former U.S. Olympic Gymnastics Coach charged with sexual assault and trafficking

Related to former US Olympic gymnastics coach Shameful Sports Doctor Larry Nassar On Thursday, he was charged with forcing girls to train under him in Michigan and turning him into a long-standing criminal company for verbal and physical abuse. John Geddert has been charged with 20 crimes, including forms of trafficking. The action approved by the prosecutor was a rare use of Michigan law.

He was also accused of lying to investigators when he denied hearing complaints about Nasser in 2016. Serving for decades in prison For sexually assaulting a female athlete in a scandal that turned over USA gymnastics, counting hundreds of victims.

Geddert, 63, was the head coach of the 2012 US Women’s Olympic Gymnastics Team. Win a gold medal.. He has long been associated with Nasser, a doctor on the Olympic team, who treated an injured gymnast at Twisters, a gym in the Lansing area of ​​Geddert.

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In this March 3, 2012 file photo, gymnastics coach John Geddelt is seen at the American Cup Gymnastics Tournament at Madison Square Garden in New York.

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According to a document filed in Eaton County Court, Geddert has been accused of recruiting minors for forced labor, which is a reference to the gymnast he coached.

A message asking for comment was left to Geddert’s lawyer. Attorney General Dana Nessel said the coach used “power, fraud, coercion” for financial gain.

“Victims suffer from eating disorders. Bulimia nervosa and loss of appetite, attempted suicide and self-harm attempts, excessive physical condition management, repeated coercion even if injured, extreme psychological abuse And physical abuse, including sexual assault.

“Many of these victims still have these scars from this action to this day,” the Attorney General said.

The accusation against Geddert includes two counts of sexual assault against teens in 2012.

Nessel acknowledged that the case may not fit the general understanding of human trafficking.

“We think it mainly affects people of color and those who have no means of protecting themselves … but to be honest, it can happen to anyone, anywhere,” she said. Said. “Impressive young women can be vulnerable to trafficking crimes, regardless of their height in the community or the financial well-being of their families.”

Attorney General Daniel Hagaman Clark said the accusation against Geddert “has little to do with Nasser.”

Geddert was interrupted by Indianapolis-based US gymnastics during the Nasar scandal. He said he would retire to his family in 2018.

On his LinkedIn page, Geddert described himself as “the most decorated female gymnastics coach in the history of gymnastics at the University of Michigan.” He said his Twistars team won 130 club championships.

However, Geddert was often portrayed in a flattering manner when Nasar’s victims spoke at a 2018 court hearing.

“What a wonderful best friend John was for Larry, who gave him the whole world that John could abuse very easily.” Lindsey Lemke, Currently a coach at the University of Arkansas. “They certainly have an interesting meaning of friendship. John Geddert also deserves to sit behind the bar right next to the rally.”

Former U.S. Olympic Gymnastics Coach charged with sexual assault and trafficking

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