Former UAW leader Deniece Williams goes to 21 months in prison for corruption

UAW At that time-President Deniece Williams, right, GM CEO Mary Barra and President Donald Trump (AP) at an event in March 2017 in Ipsianti Township, Michigan

Detroit — The welder, who stood up from the factory floor and became chairman of the venerable US trade union, spent a luxurious winter stay in the California sun covered with membership fees paid by blue-collar members from Tuesday to 21. I was sentenced to a month’s sentence.

Deniece Williams who led United Auto Workers From 2014 to 2018, he was one of two presidents convicted of corruption in an investigation that revealed rewards and embezzlement at the top tier of a Detroit-based union.

The probe rocked the UAW, revealing the clubby bond between Union Brass. The union has agreed to have an independent monitor monitor the finances, and members may have the opportunity to elect a future president rather than letting representatives do the work at the convention.

Williams, 68, Acknowledge sin For embezzlement plans that turned union fees into cash pots for golf, lodging, and luxury meals.

Judge Paul Bowman of the U.S. District Court told Williams that he had 400,000 members, especially General Motors, Ford motor And the American arm of Stellantis.

Williams admitted that he had “ruined the work of my life” for his crimes, but also blamed his successor, Gary Jones. waiting His sentence.

The St. Louis-based UAW Region 5 leadership typically held winter meetings in Palm Springs, California. According to the government, Williams turned a three-day event into a personal retreat during his tenure, staying for four months in 2017.

According to prosecutors, Williams ordered fine meals, drank champagne, and lit a large cigar in his vacation villa while overworking at an American company.

“Williams has stained the UAW,” the government said in a court filing, “damaging the trust that the UAW has built with its members, union workers, and even the general public.”

Williams’ lawyer said he had repaid $ 132,000 to the UAW. They demanded a one-year and one-day sentence, a minimum period to qualify for good deeds credit, and a shorter imprisonment.

Not all crimes are related, but the spouses of 11 union officers and deceased officers have been found guilty since 2017.First wave of convictions, including some Fiat Chrysler employees were involved in receiving money from the Fiat Chrysler-UAW Training Center in Detroit.

Former UAW leader Deniece Williams goes to 21 months in prison for corruption

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