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Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (AP) —A panel redrawing the boundaries of the Pennsylvania legislative district in a public education campaign to eradicate Gerimander is the fifth member of the tiebreak appointed by the State High Court. Is chaired by the former Prime Minister of the University of Pittsburgh. Monday.

The State Supreme Court announced the appointment of Mark Nordenberg in a letter and order from Supreme Court Judge Max Bear to the caucuses of Parliament.

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Nordenberg, who was also the Dean of Pitt’s Law School, is now chairing the University’s Institute of Political Science. Nordenberg, 72, resigned as prime minister in 2014, 18 years later.

By appointment, Nordenberg has a new legislative redistribution committee of five members to comply with the demographic changes identified in the 10-year census prior to the 2022 elections. Effectively set the agenda for creating and approving districts.

The court did not explain how it was decided to appoint Nordenberg. Other members, the leaders of the state legislature caucuses, notified the judge on Friday that they could not agree on a chair.

Mr Nordenberg said he had long known most of the judges in the High Court through the legal community and was contacted by Bear a week or two ago about serving if a member disagrees with someone else. ..

The courts make up the majority of the 5 to 2 Democrats, four of whom (including Bear) are from Pittsburgh.

A registered Democrat, Nordenberg was part of Tom Wolfe’s transition team, which was elected by the then governor in 2014. However, Mr. Nordenberg did not have a strong affiliation with the party and voted for members of both parties. As you can probably get. “

He told the other four members that he was already in contact to discuss future issues.

Nordenberg eradicates gerrymandering by raising awareness of how districts need to be drawn and helping the general public draw their own district maps using basic online tools. I’m getting a job in an active public education campaign aimed at that.

To maintain population equality, districts must inevitably shift from stagnant areas (mainly Republican areas in northern and western Pennsylvania) to growing areas of the state, primarily eastern and southern Pennsylvania. There is.

Democrats have criticized the current map of the district as a Republican-supporting gerrymander, despite state-wide voter registration roles and state-wide elections supporting the Democratic Party over the past two decades. Brought the majority.

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Republicans argue that they will win more legislative seats by finding better candidates and running better campaigns. Asked if he thinks the map is a gerrymander, Nordenberg said, “I have no opinion of what has happened in the past.”

“My only goal is to work with four other members to create a map that meets the requirements of the Constitution this time,” said Nordenberg.

The appointment of Nordenberg was applauded by David Thornburgh, President and CEO of 70 Philadelphia-based committees.

A good government group in Thornberg sponsors Draw the Lines PA, a citizen initiative aimed at educating citizens about drawing boundaries and ending gerrymandering with the slogan “Kill Gerrymandering.”

Thornburg called Nordenberg “a person who is deeply interested in the practice of good governance, a person with integrity and judgment.” And I know he takes this mission seriously. “

House minority leader Joanna McClinton (D-Philadelphia) called Nordenberg “well qualified” for the job, and Senate majority leader Kim Ward (R-Westmoreland). Said Nordenberg, who has “rich experience working on complex issues.”

Under the State Constitution, each of the 50 Senate districts and the 203 House of Representatives districts must be compact and adjacent, with no districts dividing counties, cities, or towns unless absolutely necessary. , The population must be “feasible”.

But that’s not always the way districts are drawn, and the State Supreme Court decided in 2013 that political considerations were not prohibited when drawing districts.

For at least the last three decades, the State Supreme Court has appointed a chairman after the panel’s Democrats and Republicans couldn’t agree.

Its fifth member can play an important role in making compromises between the two parties, or simply choosing one party’s plans over the other.

For the past 20 years, the chair of the committee has been elected by the Republican majority court. In 2015, the Democratic Party won three vacant seats in the High Court. This is an important election to show that the court has moved to a majority of the Democratic Party.

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