Former Vail IT director fugitive found dead by suicide in Arizona – Denver, Colorado

Denver, Colorado 2020-11-21 22:38:05 –

Vail, Colorado (KDVR) —Vail police report that Ronald James Baleden, who fled Vail, committed suicide after a law enforcement officer tried to contact him on Saturday in Arizona.

According to officials, Bale’s detective determined that Braden had fled to Maricopa County, Arizona, after abandoning his GPS tracking device. The local government was informed of his whereabouts.

Around 9:30 am on Saturday, hours after surveillance, the Maricopa County Fugitive Task Force attempted to contact Braden when he shot himself before team members arrived at him. He was declared dead on the scene, officials say.

Authorities have been looking for a 55-year-old former Vail Information Technology Director since removing the GPS tracking device on November 15. He was ordered to wear the device as a condition of release at Bond.

Braden was arrested and charged with several crimes, including violations of the Colorado Organized Crime Prevention Act, embezzlement of public property, theft, official illegal activity, counterfeiting, and assault on police officers.

Bodycam footage was taken from the night of his arrest. In the video, you can see Bale police stop Braden in a van and ask him to get out of the car.

Instead, Braden responds “no” and tries to restart the engine and drive it away. Bodycam footage shows a policeman reaching into the car and grabbing Braden’s arm. One officer said, “No, no, no, no. Ron, you’re saying you have an arrest warrant now. Get out of the car! Ron, tear you through this window if necessary.”

Braden replies, “Shoot me. F *** ing shoot me. F *** ing shoots me. This is a bull ** t.”

Resisting arrests includes assaulting police officers, disarming police officers, possessing weapons by former criminals, obstructing police officers, resisting arrests, banning large magazines, and more. It led to the accusation.

Braden resigned from employment in the town after being arrested in 2018 for seeking prostitution from minors.

Former Vail IT director fugitive found dead by suicide in Arizona Source link Former Vail IT director fugitive found dead by suicide in Arizona

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