Former Xerox CEO Ursula Burns says biased standards curb board diversity

former Xerox CEO Ursula Burns told CNBC on Tuesday that rethinking the criteria will help businesses improve the gender and racial diversity of their boards.

In an interview “Closing Bell” Burns, the first black woman to become CEO of a Fortune 500 company, said the idea of ​​a shortage of qualified director candidates for women, people of color, or both was “small”. It was.

“The specs are biased and not people are incompetent. Some people are biased, but this is not what we are talking about here,” he said. Uber And Exxon mobile..

“They specified it so that only 5 or 10 people would meet the specifications, and all of them board. Some of them are too old to serve,” she said. Told.

For example, according to Burns, the requirement that board members be current or former CEOs is a barrier to the nomination of black businessmen.

“What do you think? There were probably 20 people, so after passing 20 people, if that’s the norm, you won’t get any more,” said Burns of the memoir. I am. “Where you are is not who you are” It was released on Tuesday.

Topic Diversity of directors last year, George Floyd’s murder Caused a wave of racial equality protests In the world And Corporate pledge to address racial disparity In hiring, the composition of the board and the economy are written extensively.

By 2020, 82.5% of the Fortune 500 board of directors was occupied by white people. Recent reports From the consulting firm Deloitte and the Alliance for the Diversity of the Board.

Mr Burns said he is working to ensure that the improvement of representatives across the United States is showing sustained momentum. “Intensity has changed a lot.” She told CNBC earlier this year. “We are exercising this.”

Burns said Tuesday that structural challenges must be overcome in the process.

“What happened at the American company was that the stadium was defined by whites. The rules of the game were defined by whites. The referees are whites,” she said. “These white men say,’No one fits this game I designed specifically for me, except for those who look like me,'” she added. “Well, surprise, surprise.”

“We can provide a list of names if needed,” Burns said when someone from an American company asked for a nomination for potential directors of women, people of color, or both.

But she said she wanted to handle such a request in a different way.

“I will tell them,’You send me your specs, I fix it for you and help you fix it, and then you do it Gives you a lot of names you wouldn’t believe to be a phenomenal director. ”“ ”

Former Xerox CEO Ursula Burns says biased standards curb board diversity

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