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Fort Collins, Colorado — The ban on plastic bags will come into effect in May 2022 At a large grocery store in Fort Collins.

Voters have approved an ordinance aimed at phasing out disposable plastic bags and implementing paper bags for a fee of $ .12.

District 2 councilor Julie Pignataro said the ordinance was designed to allow changes that better suit the needs of the community, such as the date the ban came into effect and the cost of paper bags. Under the current ordinance, people who depend on SNAP benefits are exempt from charges.

The bag ban only affects grocery stores over 10,000 square feet. The money collected in the paper bags will be distributed between the grocery store and the city. Fees are not taxable, so Pignataro said the money had to be returned to the program and could include the purchase of reusable bags and advertisements for residents.

Fort Collins is the latest community to regulate plastic bags by participating in 16 Colorado communities.

Shoppers outside Fort Collins Safeway voted for a bag ban. She said it was coming soon, adding that there are many options people can rely on instead of disposable plastic bags.

Dawn Munro also voted for a bag ban, but admits it was a difficult decision. She reuses plastic bags around the house. She focuses on the big picture while she questions the implications of banning plastic bags.

“If enough people do it in enough places, it will affect the amount of waste and pollution,” Munro said.

A state-wide ban is also underway. House building 1162 Recently introduced, we aim to ban plastic bags and Styrofoam products. State Senators Julie Gonzales, D-Denver, and representatives Alex Valdez, D-Denver, and Lisa Cutter, D-Littleton, are sponsoring the bill.

Randy Moorman, director of legislation and community campaigns for the nonprofit Eco-cycle, feels there is enough momentum to pass the bill. He adds that similar laws have been passed in at least 12 states.

“In the community we’re already in front of, we’ve reduced garbage in plastic bags by up to 90%,” says Moorman.

While some shoppers support a state-wide ban, Munro believes that the ban on plastic bags is up to the local government.

Fort Collins residents vote to ban plastic bags at large grocery stores Source link Fort Collins residents vote to ban plastic bags at large grocery stores

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