Fort Hood dedicates plaque, the gate to honor Spc.Vanessa Gillen – Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky

Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky 2021-04-22 15:57:58 –

Fort Hood, Texas — A year after Spc. Vanessa Gillen disappeared from Fort Hood, Texas, Army officials dedicated the gate to the post in honor of her.

Fort Hood Command and the Gillens gathered on Monday opposite the Vanessa Gillen mural in downtown Killeen for a dedication ceremony.

by NBC News, The commemorative shield installed on the gate marker has been released.

The family calls the gate a good start.

“If this, as a soldier or someone living here, everyone who goes through this gate knows someone who is experiencing the same situation that my sister spoke to, they remember themselves. This is a step, so let’s do it. ” Vanessa’s sister, Loupe Gillen.

Family lawyers say there is more work to be done to protect soldiers who are victims of sexual assault and harassment, such as Spc. Gillen.

If reform is needed and Vanessa’s death is needed to initiate the reform, the momentum is here to initiate this movement. It needs to be settled by law, “said Natalie Kawam, a lawyer for the Gillen family.

The fight for change is planned to continue as long as the family has to do it.

“We need to demand the passage of the #IAmVanessaGuillen law, which is the only thing I believe will help others,” said Loupe.

The Guillens and Khawam are confident that the bill will be passed under the influence of Spc. Gillen’s story was in the country.

“What happened in Vanessa, I think, more people spent more time thinking and thinking about what was wrong here and why this was happening.” Said Kawam.

Vanessa Gillen Gate is located on the corner directly opposite the mural paintings on Fort Hood Street and Lanshire.

At Adam Sindler KXXV I first reported this story.

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