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Fresno, CA (KFSN)-Three years have passed since acclaimed administrator Gavin Glading died in a hit-and-run accident in northeastern Fresno.

On Thursday, Fort Washington Elementary School, where he worked, held a special dedication ceremony in his memory.

School managers said this was a way to continue Mr. Grading’s legacy of building relationships at the fort.

“Today we are here to honor Mr. Grading’s kind-hearted individual who has empathized and taught us how to be friends,” said Melanie Hashimoto, Principal of Fort Washington Elementary School. ..

Hundreds of current and ex-students and staff gathered to remind me of grading three years after his death.

“He appreciated the importance of relationships and being friends and relying on someone,” Hashimoto said.

Grading, a school coaching specialist Was beaten and killed while running Near Friant Road and Copper Avenue in 2018. The driver, Rogelio Alvarez-Maravilla, left the scene but was later discovered and arrested.

He was sentenced to three years in prison, but had time credits and was sentenced to only 13 months in custody.

Grading’s family attended on Thursday as a special area of ​​the campus was dedicated to his memory.

The grading kids cut the ribbon and officially opened two buddy benches on the back of the school. It was a place where Mr. Grading often saw the men’s volleyball team play and the soccer team practice.

Karen Hahesy, a third-year school teacher, said:

She said she and Grading became intimate because she was training for the marathon in 2018.

“It was just a great guy, a place to relax with the kids,” says Greg Knod, a sixth-grade teacher at school.

He taught boys volleyball and said that grading often came out to help with practice and games.

School managers said they hoped that the new dedicated area would encourage children to make friends and help keep their memories of grading alive.

“His thoughts are less than three years old, but his spirit, he’s here every day. You feel him,” Nod said.

Congressman Jim Patterson also attended.Patterson has pushed since Grading’s death To create Gavin’s Law This would increase criminal penalties for leaving the scene of the accident, but so far it has not passed the legislature.

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Fort Washington Elem. School dedicates gathering area in memory of Gavin Gladding Source link Fort Washington Elem. School dedicates gathering area in memory of Gavin Gladding

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