Fouch says the rash of COVID-19 infection in the White House could have been prevented

Image: April 22, 2020, Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. Source: Photo of the official White House by Sharla Craighead.

Washington (Reuters)-Dr. Anthony Forch, a top U.S. infectious disease expert, said on Tuesday at the White House that advocacy of public health guidelines for fighting the coronavirus contradicts President Donald Trump’s disregard for the pandemic. The rash of recent infectious diseases has been prevented.

Since the Republican president announced on Friday that he and his first lady Melania Trump were infected with the coronavirus, Trump and some close aides of Republican senior politicians have tested positive for the coronavirus. did.

“Let’s see what happened at the White House this week,” Forch said in an interview with the Kennedy Political Union at American University on how people and relatives who believe the pandemic is a hoax discuss preventative measures. I asked him if he gave any advice.

“That’s the reality. And every day more people are infected and popping up. It’s not a hoax. It’s an unfortunate situation because when you see something like that, it might have been prevented.” Said Forch.

Fouch has long advocated wearing a face mask to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Trump returned from the military hospital to the White House on Monday, stayed there for three nights, was treated for COVID-19, and told Americans to “go out there” and not be dominated by the virus.

He put on a mask and was discharged, but he took it off to take a picture on the balcony of the White House and did not put it back when he entered the building.

The president, who is chasing Democratic rival Joe Biden prior to the November 3 elections, called for a quick reopening of the economy and schools, accusing the Democrats of blocking it for political purposes.

Trump rarely wears masks in public, and his campaign rallies and White House events often have little social distance.

Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said the coronavirus infection surged, partly because the country could not be completely closed.

In the United States, more than any other country, more than 210,000 people have been killed by the coronavirus and more than 7 million have been infected.

White supremacist Stephen Miller, senior adviser to the White House, Trump’s top speechwriter, and influential adviser on Trump’s hard-line immigration policy, was reported among Trump’s peers on Tuesday. It was the latest COVID case.

Others who recently announced a positive test include Trump adviser Hope Hicks. White House Press Secretary Cary McKennie. Bill Steppin, Campaign Manager for Trump. Republican Senators Mike Leigh, Thom Tillis, and Ron Johnson.

Report by Mohammad Zargham; edited by Mary Milliken and Michael Perry.


Source: Reuters

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