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Towards Thursday, the Tennessee Titans took the lead in the AFC South ahead of Indianapolis. Winning at home not only solidifies the two-toner playoff position, but also puts the team in the driver’s seat of the Division Crown.

If you miss it, first and foremost, a good call from you, the Titans weren’t exactly glorified. Backup-Backup Panther Trevor Daniel allegedly overtook Backup Panther Brian Allen, making an ominous debut with one Panther blocked for 17 yards and another for a touchdown. It was. (Fairly, it wasn’t his fault. Instead, David Long decided not to block anyone.) Of course, Titan didn’t intend to list the two prestigious Panthers. So one was released. Naturally, it was Allen who was let go (Allen punted eight times at an average of 50.5 yards in his one game for the Titans, none of the eight shank or blocked). My kingdom in Brett Kern!

Stephen Gostkowski missed a 44-yard player who was supposed to keep the Titans within Colts’ score. How terrible is Stokowski? He entered the season with 87.4 percent, the fifth most accurate kicker in NFL history. His career percentage dropped 14 points in the first nine games of the season.

And of course, the Titans defense couldn’t stop the runny nose. It’s not very different from other years. So instead of 7-2, who leads two games in Indianapolis, Tennessee is 6-3 along with five other AFC teams. The NFL’s Byzantine tiebreaker system put the Titans in 9th place at the conference.

The good news is that all three games are against the team in front of the Titans in the playoff ladder. The bad news is that there have been 1-3 Titans since the day of St. Crispin. The worse news is that the next match will be against the Baltimore Ravens Old Enemy. In addition to having a thrilling quarterback at Lamar Jackson, he leads the NFL’s scoring defense and abandons 18.3 points per game. Titan has abandoned 18.3 points during the warm-up.

Of course, no one gave Tennessee a lot of shots in the playoffs last season, so Derrick Henry (the guy we’re deeply grateful for) put Earl Thomas on both the blockback and the punch line. I’ve changed. And he threw a touchdown pass.

In terms of injuries, the sure recipient, Adam Humphreys, remains a concussion protocol. Cornerback Adoree’Jackson is out of IR, but may still be inactive on Sunday.

Despite the Titans slides, CBS considers this match to be the most attractive of the Sunday noon matches. Jim Nantz and Tony Romo’s No. 1 broadcast team are waiting.

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