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Who is Liberty’s mom?

We met the founder of Mom for freedom About a month after they moved to their new national headquarters in Melbourne’s obscure office plaza, just southeast of Orlando.

“We are very excited about it. For the past 10 months we have been working around the house,” said Tina Deskovich, one of the founders.

Here, Descovich and co-founder Tiffany Justice manage the sale of Moms for Liberty navy T-shirts, car magnets and other merchandise, overseeing what has become a brand that has expanded to more than 150 branches in 33 states. doing. The group’s national membership list is estimated at approximately 60,000 Descovich.

“I like how this happens every day,” she said.

When asked what their group represents, “Moms for Liberty is a united group of parents across the country working to protect the rights of our parents at all levels of government.” Justice said.

Both Descovich and Justice are former members of the school board who came up with the idea for the group in January after Descovich lost the school board election in Brevard County, and Justice educated in the neighboring Indian River County. He said he chose not to run for the board. A remote county.

“We both thought that parents needed to regain their children’s education. I think the timing of the organization’s growth was right,” Justice explained.

A conservative group in a small town turns into a national movement

Organizational growth can be primarily due to a COVID pandemic. This pandemic at the time fueled a debate about when and how schools should be reopened nationwide. Conservative moms in small towns have transformed into a national movement that dominates Internet, social media, and school board meetings.

“We believe parents are experts in their children,” when asked about the mask obligation, which was lifted in Florida but is a problem at several branches across the country. , Justice said.

“We can’t say that COVID has achieved this,” Descovich said. “I think the COVID policy exposed the problem to parents and drove people to us,” she said.

Some of those parents were dissatisfied with the mask obligations of her own district when she decided to start the first Mommy chapter for Liberty outside Florida in Nassau County, New York. Includes Aboud.

“No one was listening when we said that our kids were suffering under some of these things happening, no one took us seriously. “Aboud explained.

While the group’s mission focuses head-on on improving public education and maintaining the rights of parents involved in these decisions, neither Abboud nor Descovich send their children to public school.

“Just because you had to pull out a child to protect it doesn’t mean you don’t want to stay in the fight to protect all the other children,” says Descovich.

Justice has four children, all attending public schools in Indian River County.

Critics ask mom for freedom agenda

But with all that the funship mom for Liberty has produced, the group also attacks schools and school boards for books that the organization’s conservative agenda feels angry moms are too sexual. Has a significant proportion of critics who believe they encourage them to do so (some schools have deleted books on concerns raised by the group), and the policies they believe in are socially sensitive. Too much, the members say the curriculum is anti-white.

“They’re jumping from topic to topic, causing confusion and controversy,” said Jennifer Jenkins, a member of the Brevard County Board of Education, who said she had been harassed since the beginning of the year a few months ago. I told us when I released the details of the threat. These threats included angry protesters who appeared in her home and, as she said, allegations of false child abuse. Democrat Jenkins defeated Deskovich on the school board last year.

Shirley Brown, a member of the Sarasota County Board of Directors who said she was also a victim of increased intimidation and harassment, also attended the school’s board of directors, screaming and screaming against orders and other issues. He expressed concern about the group, including Liberty’s mom. ..

“Holding an unruly school board meeting is not in the best interests of everyone,” Brown said.

Descovich and Justice say there is no evidence that members of Moms for Liberty were involved in the threat of the school board and condemned the members’ improper behavior.

“These aren’t our people, we blame it,” Descovich said.

“Our mom is a joyful warrior. We are helping them actively engage with the school district, and I think that’s something we can be proud of. Talk more about it. I want to, “Justice said.

Justice and Descovich also shut their mouths, even if the group is Republican-funded or politically motivated.

“We are a problem-based organization. Our primary goal is to help parents speak about their rights, if there are elected officials who want to further support it.” Stated. -Sale of shirts.

The political parties of the members are neither what the group wants nor what they want to know to be the founders.

“I don’t think our mom really cares about political parties. I think our mom cares about voting for people who put their children first,” Justice said. rice field.

Jeannine Buntrock is a registered independent, chairing the Moms for Liberty branch of Minnesota.

“Many people like me don’t like things going extremely left or right,” she explained.

Partisan influence of non-partisan groups

But Christian Ziegler, Vice President of the Republican Party in Florida, believes that moms for the free movement have already had a significant positive impact on the Republican Party.

“Children aged 20, 30, and 40 who have never been involved are now awake, informed, and engaged,” he said of the group’s influence at the local level.

In Florida, the number of registered Republicans exceeds Democrats for the first time in history. Ziegler, who helped his wife find a group but resigned to continue serving on the Sarasota County Board of Education, Republican votes for a historically unreachable crowd, with Mama for Liberty as a contributor. I believe I will continue to drive the box.

“I think it’s no exaggeration to say that they attend the ballot box with friends and family because of the large number of people attending school board meetings. They say which candidate is free and parental. It will be very clear if you support the right and oppose the obligation of the mask to the child, “he said.

Do not retreat

Returning to Melbourne’s Moms for Liberty headquarters, in addition to group-signed T-shirts that advertise “we are not co-parenting with the government,” books on how to read the Constitution and “how to find critical race theory” I will fight back. Descovich said he wouldn’t hand out those booklets.

Its founder does not apologize for who they are. Chapters with their own agenda are currently focused on the curriculum where members are too sexual. “They want to make our kids sexual, which is completely inappropriate,” Descovich said.

They also continue to be defensive about who they are and condemn the allegations that the group is anti-LGBTQ or somehow promotes discrimination. Moms for Liberty continues to promise not to retreat.

“There is an effort to alienate what we are doing and show us in a particular way,” Justice said. When asked why, Descovich replied, “We are disrupting the balance of power in public education.”

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