Founding tragedy Paul Dacre returns to his bosom

NSThanks for the dissenting opinion From a politically correct civil servant riding a proton, Paul Dacre explained in a letter. Times On November 19, he was not running for the chair of Ofcom. Instead of leading broadcast and telecommunications regulators, he will undertake “exciting new jobs in the private sector.” Three days later, to my surprise on Fleet Street, it turned out that the new gig had returned to his old gig. Daily mail, The most read (and most feared) newspaper in the UK.

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Ofcom was a strange fit for the editor Dacre. Post For 26 years, we once rejected online news as “”. Nonetheless, the government appeared to be obsessed with finding employment and resumed the selection process after he was rejected by an independent committee in the first attempt. His enthusiasm for his candidacy only increased after he was unable to appoint his fellow cultural warrior, Sir Moore, as chairman. BBC.. However, the accusations of favoritism have grown to a considerable extent. Ofcom needs to find new candidates by November 29th.

so Post Mr. Daker has already returned to his old office and hasn’t cleaned up his desk because he was recently vacant. After giving up daily editing in 2018, he moved upstairs to become editor-in-chief. This is the role of an advisor who earned £ 1.5 million ($ 2 million) last year. His advice was deafening Geordie Greig, the originator of the old Eton College. Tatler The editor who succeeded him in Post Softened the attack on the founding Remoaners. This time it is different. A few days before Daker’s return was announced, Craig was replaced by lifelong Ted Verity. Post A man who works with his old boss and gloves.

Insiders expect “tougher”, more candid papers, and closer integration with the Sunday edition (also presided over by Verity) and the website. Trimming the overlap helps offset the rising energy and newspaper costs as printed matter sales decline.Circulation Daily mail It was below 1m, which is half the level of 10 years ago. MailOnline has a popular line of celebrity content (this week: “Red Hot Snap” and “Amazing Cleavage”). Post Corporate profits for the most recent fiscal year. Double the share 5 years ago.

The need for reorganization was addressed by Jonathan Harmsworth, the fourth Viscount of Rosamia. PostThe parent company of Daily Mail and General Trust is private. (His family is in control.) Without shareholder oversight, things could be easy to shake.Sir Rosamia co-founded by her great-grandfather Daily mail In 1896, a friend says, “I have never enjoyed a meeting with investors.” Shareholders must decide whether to accept his offer until December 16th.

Private ownership will save the family from investor moans about editorial choices. Some shareholders have come to consider Mr. Daker as toxic. It may also facilitate the inheritance process already planned by Sir Rosamia, 53. Veil Harmsworth, a four-year-old son from Oxford, joined the family company last year.Fall to the 5th Viscount to continue PostA profitable battle against establishment. ■■

Correction (November 25, 2021): Earlier versions of this article stated that TedVerity presided over MailOnline. Martin Clark will be in charge of the website. sorry.

This article was published in the UK section of the printed version under the heading “Return to Barricades”.

Founding tragedy Paul Dacre returns to his bosom

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