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The Patriots will face one of the NFL’s best young quarterbacks and one of the league’s most dynamic defenders against the Chargers on Sunday.

Darwin James. (Photo by Robker / Getty Images)

The Patriots played against the Los Angeles Chargers during Justin Herbert’s rookie season, scoring 45-0 in the 2020 match.

However, this year’s Chargers team was very different, with a 4-2 match against New England on Sunday and being nominated for the playoffs after a tough fight last season. As fascinating as the Patriots would roll back this match, the Chargers need to present a formidable test to the team looking for the first signature win of the year.

Unlike some teams that the Patriots played this season, you don’t have to struggle to find the Chargers player you should be looking at. Simply put, the Los Angeles AFC team boasts some of the brightest stars football has to offer, starting with a quarterback.

Quarterback Justin Herbert played in the first half of the match against Baltimore Ravens on Sunday, October 17, 2021 in Baltimore.

Justin Herbert

He’s a Chargers quarterback, so everyone will be on the lookout for him anyway. But that’s not all.

Earlier Oregon products are a special quarterback talent of just 23 years old and can be considered the top 10 signalers for the next few years.

Like Mac Jones, Herbert tends to get the ball out of his hand faster than other quarterbacks, with an average throw of 2.57 seconds after snapping, just .02 seconds slower than Jones (Via PFF).

But he is also one of the league’s most aggressive quarterbacks. According to NextGenStatsStill, it maintains an impressive 14TD to 4INT split while sitting just outside the top 10 pass leaders at 1,771 yards in the air.Besides, Herbert 7th in adjusted completion rate Throw the field more than 20 yards down for each PFF.

Whether you’re dishing off the ball with a quick checkdown to pass-catch back Austin Ekeller or loading a jump ball into Mike Williams, one of the best deep ball receivers in the game, Herbert Has a talent for defeating opponents from anywhere on the field.

It’s important to note that, unlike Zach Wilson, for example, Herbert can perform these plays not only in flash, but also on a regular and efficient basis.

that’s why Bill Belichick made such an ardent statement About the ascending young quarterback, and that’s why the Patriots need to do two things to repel him: letting him grab football and putting him on the ground.

The Dallas Cowboys match (445-yard pass and 3 TD permit) should serve as a warning of what happens when the Patriots fail against a good quarterback.

The Chargers will aggressively tackle the guard of Rashon Slater (70) during a match against the Cleveland Browns on Sunday, October 10, 2021.

Rashawn Slater

The Northwest Star was the second tackle in the 2021 NFL Draft and was off board on the 13th pick (two slots before Mac Jones).

So far, he claims he could be the best rookie in his position this season.

Slater out of 10 rookie tackles playing at least 100 snaps in 2021 The highest grade pass blocker According to PFF, this is a comprehensive initiative after Samuel Kozumi in Washington. He allowed only 10 pressures in the season. This is 15 less pressure than the 7th place Penei Sewell overall.

In addition, PFF path blocking efficiency statistics place Slater (97.7) As the 15th best tackle In the entire league, he is the second rookie after Christian Minnesota, playing only two games. At least 100 snaps have been played.

Conclusion: The chargers look like they have a good one and he can play a considerable role in this game.

Slater not only sees a fair amount of both Kyle van Neu and Matthew Judon on Sunday, but also shows that Josh Uche is scattered around. However, the Patriots may also test the rookie in stunts and blitz to see if they can release a simple shot in Herbert.

Slater is excellent — already one of the five best players in the Chargers, according to PFF — but no one is attacking a rookie like Bill Belichick.

The Patriots will face a much better match on the other side of the line with the 2017 undrafted free agent Storm Norton, who was launched on the right tackle after Bryan Bulaga was injured.

But if the Chargers choose to support Norton on the right side, it could make destroying Slater even more important to New England’s defensive game plan.

Ravens wide receiver Marquise Brown (5) and Derwin James (33) as Chargers free safety try to beat him during the second half of the game in Baltimore.

Darwin James

Even the scientist who created James in the lab to ensure the perfect NFL safety would have to laugh at how ridiculous he is.

At 6 feet 2 and about 220 pounds, James played like a filthy combination of Troy Polamalu and Ed Reed, jumping around to explode the ball carrier in the box and teleporting around the field as a coverman deep in the field. To do.

But he can also mirror routes to talented receivers and tight ends with unnatural speed and footwork, in addition to 4.4 speeds.

It’s not fair.

In the hands of Chargers coach Brandon Staley, James is a weapon that keeps aggressive coordinators like Josh McDaniels up late.

I don’t know where the dynamic former Florida defensive backs line up in a particular snap. He has already recorded over 100 snaps this season as box safety, free safety and slot corners. According to Pro Football Focus..

“He can ruin the game,” Belichick said of “very instinctive” safety. “Fast. Quick. Good tackler. Smart player. Must be ready to block him behind the line of scrimmage and on our side of the line of scrimmage, but he sees things quickly and reacts quickly. . He is a difficult man to block. “

Whether you’re going to wear him a hat in a run game or electric shock pickup, or know where he is, the Patriots need to do their best to keep the ball as far away from James as possible. He is very good

Chargers linebacker Joey Bosa (97) played an active part in the first half of the match against Ravens on Sunday, October 17, 2021.

Joey Bosa

Speaking of people who can “ruin the game,” the Chargers are still another Of the player defending at Bosa

In the 2016 NFL Draft, the third place overall was the third highest pass rush grade. Among the NFL Edge Defenders There is a 22.6% chance of winning the Pass Rush representative this season (7th best in NFL Among players with at least 50 pass rushes per PFF).

He has all the tools you can want — power, speed, bend, and technical skills — and he will do it mercilessly if you allow him. He has two games with more than five pressures and continues to harass Las Vegas Raiders chief stars Patrick Mahomes and Derekkar.

Later, Cleveland Browns and Baltimore Ravens began to incapacitate Boza in combination with running the ball big (and away from his side).

The Patriots can and must duplicate all of these elements, apparently to limit the effectiveness of the Bosa.

He will probably spend most of his Sunday Side by side From the tackle on the left, Isaia Win, struggling for much of the season, directing help in that way is important to protect the blind side of Mac Jones. However, with Michael Onwenu launching his second correct tackle this year, Boza could test his younger opponents on that side as well.

Four Chargers to watch against the Patriots in Week 8 Source link Four Chargers to watch against the Patriots in Week 8

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