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Four-day work weeks under review during I-10 widening, ‘Make a dent in the volume of traffic’ | State Politics – New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana 2021-10-04 13:00:00 –

During the widening of Baton Rouge’s Interstate Highway 10, state officials are considering four-day working weeks of 10 hours a day and other measures to reduce traffic, according to key state officials. ..

Sean Wilson, Executive Secretary of the Department of State’s Department of Transportation Development, said:

Staggered work and working from home one day a week are other options under consideration, officials said.

The state is La on Interstate Highway 10. Cleared an important hurdle to expand between 415 and I-10 / 12 splits. Louisiana Transport Director Sha …

La for widening I-10. Includes adding new lanes in both directions between the 415 and the I-10 / 12 split, replacing the bridge over Lake City Park, and refurbishing the College Drive exit for westbound drivers.

Almost 154,000 drivers use the bridge over Lake City Park daily.

Even without construction projects, I-10 is a daily backup site, especially during the morning and evening commute hours.

High-traffic sections are trimmed from 3 lanes to 2 lanes at a time. Therefore, finding a way to trim the number of cars and trucks is a priority.

According to Wilson, a 20% reduction in traffic will reduce traffic by 15,000 to 20,000 vehicles per day.

Arches and Pelicans will be the theme of a new bridge on Interstate 10 across Lake City Park, state officials announced on Monday.

“Reducing the state government’s workforce by 20% five days a week has the benefit of fully covering state services and reducing traffic,” he said.

Up to 8,000 state employees working downtown can be affected by traffic measures.

It is unclear exactly which state agencies will be affected and how they will be affected.

The details of the work schedule are left to the individual offices.

City parish employees can also face changes in their day-to-day operations.

The traffic problems that plague the Baton Rouge region most often have worsened since the hurricane “Aida,” officials said.

“City Parish is working closely with the Metropolitan Planning Commission and DOTD on interstate expansion projects,” said Mark Armstrong, a spokesman for Mayor Sharon Weston Broome, in an email reply to the question. ..

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“Many departments in City Parish now allow flexible work schedules, and we will continue to consider options as we approach the project,” said Armstrong.

Approximately 1,000 city parish employees work downtown.

Expansion work may begin in late 2023, with the greatest impact on traffic lasting 12-14 months.

State officials said Monday that they had chosen a contractor to handle the first phase of the expansion of the frequently congested Interstate Highway No. 10 between L and L …

Private employees working downtown can also be affected by the move.

“We want everyone to participate in this congestion relief effort so that we can provide some benefits to the general public,” Wilson said.

In a presentation to the Louisiana Board of Directors on September 21, Louisiana Chairman Jay Dardenne touched on the issue.

Mr Dardenne said his office had previously promised DOTD (State Department of Transportation Development) to consider staggering four days of working hours to reduce traffic.

“Basically, the numbers of how much money and time you can save if you can knock down interstate highway traffic are amazing,” Dardenne told the regent.

Creating one new temporary lane instead of two “has a multi-million dollar impact,” he said.

Dardenne spokesman Jack Berry emphasized that no final decision was made.

Wilson said four working weeks are not uncommon at DOTD.

Other ideas under consideration include asking the LSU to fine-tune the class schedule to reduce traffic. Redirect some of the eastbound traffic entering Baton Rouge to US190 instead of I-10 and set up a “park and ride” station for westbound commuters from Ascension Parish to Baton Rouge.

Authorities said one benefit of the possible changes was the fact that the work schedule had been fluid for the past 18 months due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Workers in many states spend only a few days a week in the office.

“That’s the advantage of this exercise with COVID,” Wilson said.

Four-day work weeks under review during I-10 widening, ‘Make a dent in the volume of traffic’ | State Politics Source link Four-day work weeks under review during I-10 widening, ‘Make a dent in the volume of traffic’ | State Politics

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