Four members of the Texas Power Grid Steering Committee resign in the wake of a deadly winter storm

Four directors of the Texas power grid operator have announced plans to resign as a result of: Severe winter storm It left millions of Texas people dead for days and killed at least 31 people in the state. Texas Governor Greg Abbott has repeatedly accused the Texas Electrical Reliability Council (ERCOT) of power outages and called for a council investigation.

In a letter to the board, the resigned members cited concerns about their “out-of-state board leadership.” Three of the resigned board members live in other states and one lives in another country.

“We have noted recent concerns about out-of-state board leadership at ERCOT,” the letter said. “Resigned from the board after an urgent board conference call on Wednesday, February 24, 2021 to give state leaders freedom of future direction and eliminate distractions. To do.”

The resigned member also said, “I want to acknowledge the pain and suffering of the Texas people over the past week,” and said that many Texas people are still facing “the tragic consequences of this emergency.”

Over the last few days, many in the state have been forced to deal with power outages, pipe ruptures and floods in sub-zero temperatures.Dozens of counties in the state have been declared Catastrophe It was a region by President Biden, and millions of people were ordered to boil water.

Resigning directors include Sally Thalberg, chairman of the board, who lives in Michigan. Peter Crumpton, Executive Vice Chairman of Germany. Terry Balger, Chairman of the Finance and Audit Committee in Illinois. According to the company profile and other backgrounds, Raymond Hepper, Chairman of the Human Resources and Governance Commission in Maine. The resignation will take effect after the 10 am meeting on Wednesday.

Four board members of the Texas Electrical Reliability Council (ERCOT) have resigned in response to grid operators’ response to last winter’s storm. Board members include Sally Talberg, Chairman of the Board (upper left), Peter Crumpton, Vice Chairman of the Board (upper right), Terry Balger, Chairman of the Finance and Audit Committee (lower left), and the Governance Committee. Includes Chairman Raymond Hepper (bottom right).

Thalberg and Hepper January 1..According to the council website, 16 members of the board of directors oversee the operation of ERCOT.

“With proper follow-through, Texas can lead the country by investing in infrastructure and emergency preparedness to withstand the effects of severe weather events such as floods, droughts, extreme temperatures and hurricanes. “I will,” wrote the resigned member. “I want the best for ERCOT and Texas.”

ERCOT did not immediately respond to CBS News’ request for comment.

Craig Ivy, a candidate for board of directors, also canceled his candidacy from Tuesday to “avoid distractions.” According to his biography on the council’s website, he currently lives in Florida.

ERCOT, a grid operator that supplies roughly 90% of Texas power, Is on fire to handle the winter storm. Operators said in November that they expected “sufficient installed capacity” during “peak demand” until spring, but the announcement will occur “normally” in extreme seasonal weather conditions. Said it was based.

Last week’s storm brought some of the coldest temperatures the state has ever seen Decades.. Many officials, including Governor Greg Abbott, have questioned whether the company is well prepared. The Public Utility Commission of Texas has begun investigating power outages.

On Tuesday, Abbott said ERCOT’s “lack of preparation” for the storm made him “welcome to resign.”

“When Texas was in desperate need of electricity, ERCOT didn’t do its job and Texas remained shivering in a powerless home. ERCOT’s leadership said Texas’s electricity infrastructure was in a winter storm. I guaranteed that I had it, but those guarantees were devastating. It’s a mistake. ” “The lack of preparation and transparency at ERCOT is unacceptable. I welcome these resignations.”

Mr Abbott said the state would continue to investigate the council and “give a complete picture of what went wrong.”

“Make sure that the tragic events of last week never happen again,” he said.

Abbott repeatedly accused ERCOT last week, but Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner pushed back the accusation that ERCOT was completely negligent.

“For those who are trying to hold ERCOT accountable, that’s not enough. It’s part of the story, but not the whole story,” Turner told MSNBC Thursday. “ERCOT is a state agency in Texas … and what happened this week is not just for ERCOT, but for state-wide leaders, state representatives, and state senators to make the necessary structural changes. It’s a failure to do enough. Prevent what happened this week. “

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Four members of the Texas Power Grid Steering Committee resign in the wake of a deadly winter storm

Source link Four members of the Texas Power Grid Steering Committee resign in the wake of a deadly winter storm

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