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Four nominees named to serve as new bishop of Episcopal Diocese of Nevada – Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada 2021-05-11 18:31:47 –

Las Vegas – Church leaders in Virginia, San Jose, Phoenix, and Minneapolis have been appointed as the new bishops of the Diocese of Nevada.

Candidates are:

The new bishop will be ordained and consecrated in March 2022.

Slate includes:

  • Rev. Elizabeth Bonforte Gardner, President of St. Marks in Alexandria, Virginia, founded the Anglican Potomac, a collaboration of four churches that united during the pandemic to expand the idyllic and missionary work of the region.
  • Reverend Canon Holly Herring, a Canon priest at the Trinity Episcopal Cathedral in Phoenix, is a spiritual food truck that travels and stays with people during the COVID era. Developed the ministry.
  • Rev. Julia McRae Goldsmith, priest of Trinity Cathedral in San Jose, California, is a senior priest of a multicultural cathedral with English and Spanish ministries of all ages, using a variety of social affairs. I will. Media platform.
  • Pastor Cannon Robert Toubles, a missionary to the Ministry of Labor and the Ministry of Multiculturalism of the Anglican Church of Minnesota and a pastor of the All-Stain Twindian Mission in the heart of Minneapolis, leads a powerful Ministry of Food Justice for all I am.

Parish officials said Tuesday that the plan called for the election of the 11th Bishop of Nevada to replace Bishop Dan Edwards by March 2022.

Standing Committee Chairman Maggie Davidson says the slate emerged after an extensive investigation “moved by prayer and connected by zoom.”

Rt. Rev. James Edward Wagoner, Jr. of the Parish of Spokane has assisted the Bishops of Nevada since Edwards retired in 2018.

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