Fox News host Cary McKenny says he “has never lied” as spokesman for Trump.Fox news

The White House spokesman was Fox News contributor Cary McKenny. Donald Trump..

addressing In a conservative group on Sunday, McKenny said of the first steps in his role: Woman of faith.

“As a baby break mother, as a meticulously prepared person in some of the world’s most difficult facilities, I never lied. I got my information, but nevertheless. The media will not stop calling you a liar. “

The· Push It questions the credibility of Makeny’s claim.So political Fact check site. For example Politifact After McKenny told reporters, “The president never downplayed the virus,” he gave McKenny a “fire in trousers” rating last September.

She was answering a question about Trump’s Washington Post report by Bob Woodward. Said When the coronavirus pandemic broke out in March 2020, he said: I still like to play it because I don’t want to panic. “

PolitiFact states: “Records show that she is wrong.”

Under Stephanie Grisham, Makeny resumed the White House briefing for over 400 days. Sean Spicer and Sarah Sanders also presided over the deterioration of the relationship between the media and the White House, and, according to critics, the deterioration of the relationship between the White House and the truth.

Reported the first appearance of Guardian Makeny on May 1, 2020 Said “Even with a definite debut, McKeny responded to Trump’s reaction to the coronavirus pandemic (” this president was always on the side of the data “) and alleged sexual misconduct (” he always told the truth “). I skated near forging dangerous information about). “

The Washington Post fact checker has made a final tally of Mr. Trump’s false or misleading allegations. At 30,573..

At the Turning Point USA Young Women’s Leadership Summit in Dallas, McKeny said she came up with her press motto: “Attack Only.”

“Because I knew what I was against. Republicans always get bad headlines, always listen to false stories, always lie. If I can use that word, Spoken by the media. Democrats and Republicans have one standard, and we must be aggressive, confident, bold, and proactive in calling for it. Silence is you can not.”

Makeny talks about what the press seems to be lying about Pioneering Lafayette Square, Intelligence Russian bounty for US military And theory coronavirus Escaped the laboratory In China – All stories are subject to evolving reports.

Makeny is one of the many veterans of the Trump White House who found a role on Fox News. Where She is a commentator and co-sponsors Outnumbered.

But even when she was a spokesman Fox news She was cut off from her remarks when she proceeded with Trump’s lie that Biden’s defeat was the result of an electoral fraud.

Anonymous Fox News staff in response to news of McKenny’s new job in March Quoted by The Daily Beast Calling McKeny “helped to incite a rebellion against our democracy” and “mini-gebbel,” he referred to the January 6 attack on the US Capitol.

On Sunday, she was in a turmoil over her claim that she had never lied to serve Trump. Tweet: “Hate will hate you!”

Fox News host Cary McKenny says he “has never lied” as spokesman for Trump.Fox news

Source link Fox News host Cary McKenny says he “has never lied” as spokesman for Trump.Fox news

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