Fox News’ Neil Cavuto asks viewers to “stop politics” and get the Covid vaccine.US news

NS Fox news Host Neil Cavout has raised political issues about Covid-19 vaccination to viewers and “begged” them to be shot.

“My God, stop politics,” he said on the network. Reliable source of information show.

“Life is too short to be an ass. Life is too short to be unaware of some promises that are helping people around the world. Stop death, stop suffering, vaccination Please receive. “

He also said he expected him to be attacked for his complaint.

Fox News requires staff to be vaccinated or tested daily. A few The host advocates vaccinations and other Covid prophylaxis.

But including others Prime Time Star Tucker CarlsonHas pushed for false information about vaccines as part of attacks on public health orders from government agencies and businesses and the Biden administration’s attempts to contain the pandemic.

Some fox news host By broadcasting from a remote studio, you bypass vaccine and testing requirements. invade Against the obligation of the vaccine.

Cavuto is immunodeficient, after multiple sclerosis and open surgery.

“I feel very strong,” he said in his first interview since testing himself. “We know we are living in this super-political era. When people are vaccinated, I know that many people say it is a private decision. I understand that, I appreciate it, but I would like to encourage people of all kinds to be vaccinated. “

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell last week Died From complications from Covid. He had been vaccinated, but suffered from immunodeficiency in the fight against cancer.His death in the battle over vaccines and missions Political pawn..

“Half of the cases we hear at the forefront are in immunocompromised people like me,” Kavut said.

“… There are a lot of people who are vulnerable to this kind in all kinds of business environments right now. Whatever your view on mandates, you can help them a lot, and I I don’t think anyone likes being told to do things, but if you can think of someone else who has been vaccinated and what that means, then with them like this Their viability from things, we will be better than everyone. “

Kavout said he expected to be attacked.

“I’ve heard from many people in an ongoing nasty email,” you’re never a tramper “, or you’re this, or” we don’t trust you, we Don’t believe what you’re saying. “And it just comes from my family.

“… I can’t emphasize this enough. It’s not about left or right. It’s not about who is conservative or liberal. The last time I checked, it was politically persuasive. Everyone comes up with this, regardless of the case StabilizationBut … this has lost 5 million in the world.we Lost nearly 800,000 In the United States.

“Take the points of political remarks and throw them for now, I ask you. Throw them and think about what’s good for you as well as the people around you. please.

“… People who have experienced this and have seen loved ones who have been affected or died from it dare say they have not judged the wisdom of their mission. They want to be vaccinated. Yes, but it wasn’t. “

Fox News’ Neil Cavuto asks viewers to “stop politics” and get the Covid vaccine.US news

Source link Fox News’ Neil Cavuto asks viewers to “stop politics” and get the Covid vaccine.US news

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