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FOX21 Storm Team: Say it ain’t snow! – Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs, Colorado 2022-05-19 13:04:21 –

Colorado Springs — Snow forecasts are difficult, in a nutshell, for a myriad of reasons, especially early and late in the season. They include temperature, the characteristics of wet snow and heavy objects such as cement, recent temperatures, and the warmth held on pavement and ground.

This storm is no exception.

Here are some examples of different weather model suites for airport forecasts as of Thursday morning. Wow!

Is that possible? Certainly – but there are many of them.

Given the recent weather and the fact that temperatures are within a few degrees below freezing all night from Friday to Saturday, it will certainly melt after it snows. The weight of new snowfall also tends to compress the snow that falls early and sticks together. The following timelapse from Woodland Park shows how road impacts can change over time until evening. Expect snow / slash under the burst, but then the road conditions will improve as the speed increases.

Road conditions can change from time to time depending on the time of year.

As of Thursday morning – this is my official prediction – based on what is most likely to happen. For the mountains southwest of Pueblo, you may need to go a little more aggressive and further south – Valerie Mills is for Robert this afternoon and will make the necessary adjustments.

Switching to all snow along the river around Pueblo, or even in areas where rain and snow are mixed, and even in the eastern areas, can wake up white on the grass on Saturday mornings, but it melts fairly quickly. There is a possibility.

We need water, we know it!

FOX21 Storm Team: Say it ain’t snow! Source link FOX21 Storm Team: Say it ain’t snow!

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