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FOX5 EXPERTS: Housing inventory in Clark County grows despite market concerns | COVID-19 – Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada 2021-09-18 00:00:00 –

Las Vegas (FOX5)-Las Vegas economists predict the prosperity of the housing market, despite fears of a market crash.

Jeremy Aguero is the Principal Analyst for Applied Analysis. He is an economist and his research informs local businesses, investors, developers, lawyers, trade associations, legislators and the media.

Aguero said homeowners’ mortgage mortgages are gradually ending. He predicts more home inventories as people decide to sell rather than receive payments.

Aguero said there were no crashes of any kind in the housing market as inventories increased. He said it is inevitable that the market will cool due to two factors: interest rates will rise again and huge price increases are simply unsustainable.

According to Aguero, it’s good to cool the market before tackling the issue of affordable housing in the Las Vegas area.

Aguero said he believes inflation is a factor Another 12-18 months. With trillions of economies being pushed up, more money is being chased for fewer commodities, and workers are demanding and getting higher wages, which also puts upward pressure on prices.

Aguero said the mandatory COVID-19 vaccine is good for the economy as it returns more people to the workforce who were afraid to return to work at the risk of illness. Return to face-to-face learning like a child.

The Delta variant has thrown a curve ball into the local economy, but Las Vegas seems to outpace it. The number of visitors, retailers and employment in the summer looked good.

Aguero said things tended to be positive and optimistic about how southern Nevada would end 2021.

(Guy Fanaracy / FOX5)

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