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Paris-Friday’s French government has declared that Black Friday will be postponed as Amazon has moved to quell a national rebellion by shopkeepers claiming to be stealing business from them during the French coronavirus blockade.

Black Friday, a U.S. import that has been accepted by European retailers as a semi-official kickoff for the Christmas shopping season, will be delayed a week in France on December 4, after the government has agreed to a national agreement with Amazon. Become. The largest retailer to delay their discounts.

The move aims to level the competition for bookstores, clothing stores and “unnecessary” companies that were forced to close on October 30 after the second national blockade was imposed. Direct consumers to online sites such as Amazon.

Under the agreement, large retailers have agreed to postpone Black Friday promotions, subject to the government re-approving the reopening of small retailers by then. Since the new blockade came into effect, shopkeepers have been upset to resume their business.

“If we don’t open us up, we’ll die,” said Johann Putio, director of the Alliance du Commerce in France, a corporate trade association this week.

But finance minister Bruno Le Mer didn’t say on Friday when stores and other non-critical businesses could reopen. While the current blockade has helped curb the alarming new outbreaks of coronavirus cases, French health officials have warned that resumption must meet strict safety protocols.

“As soon as health indicators improve, we will be able to open the store,” Jean Castex said Friday.

One of Europe’s most powerful nations scrambling to protect retailers from Amazon is to carry out a second shutdown in the midst of pandemic fatigue and prevent companies that don’t have the same. It highlights the difficulties faced by the government trying to balance things between deep pockets to prevent large corporations from going into a pandemic.

In France, this episode ignited a new backlash against the American online giant. Since arriving in 2000, Amazon has been popular in France, accounting for almost half of online spending in 2019. During the most recent blockade, France’s sales surged nearly 50% from a year ago, the company said.

But due to rapid growth, critics say Amazon is importing unwanted American consumerism, job instability and environmental degradation into the eurozone’s second-largest economy. It has become a symbol of multinational corporations.

Prior to the announcement, Le Mer and other politicians urged shoppers not to give Amazon their business.

The Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, and environmental and industry groups have distributed an online petition titled “Noël Sans Amazon” (“Christmas without Amazon”). Commit the signer to “#ChristmasWithoutAmazon”, which is addressed to Santa Claus and described as a tax avoidance grinch that destroys small businesses, jobs, and the environment.

However, virtual weapon calls are an online hack that overloads the website with fake signatures sent from over 200 different servers, including hundreds in the name of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry …, Jeff.”

However, Amazon’s continued influence in France (according to Kantar Group, which accounted for more than 20% of the French e-commerce market in the third quarter and the largest share of online sellers) remains with other major retailers. Is even refraining from agreeing to postpone. Selling their Black Friday until Amazon does.

After Lemaire told the French Senate on Wednesday that it made sense to help small retailers by postponing Black Friday, Amazon France’s general manager Frederick Duval said on Thursday that French radio station Told to Amazon has “listened to government recommendations” and has postponed online sales until December 4, paving the way for broader agreements.

Nonetheless, the struggle by French politicians to ease the wrath of small businesses has resumed a broader debate about Black Friday itself, which was not even an event in Europe until a few years ago. This was largely led by Amazon, which began to keep pace with the United States to promote large-scale sales.

American Thanksgiving is just another Thursday in Europe, but Black Friday thrived. In the UK, Spain and other countries, Amazon and other major retailers began offering Black Friday discounts online earlier this month.

France lags behind other European countries in participating in this trend, with politicians discouraging shoppers and warning of a “consumption frenzy” that encourages people to buy unwanted products. I will. The fact that Amazon is not a French company also did not help.

Still, Black Friday is an important tool for retailers to increase sales. Last year, French retailers made an estimated € 6 billion in revenue before and after Black Friday.

These sales are more important than ever this year as retailers faced unprecedented losses from the blockade associated with the coronavirus pandemic. Stores reopened from June to September, but not enough to completely compensate for France’s first blockade. Year-to-date sales averaged 10% below 2019 levels, according to an analysis by German bank Allianz.

According to Allianz, restrictions on non-essential stores in France have already cast a shadow over retail sales of around € 18 billion, which retailers typically make in November and December.

It remains to be seen if pushing Black Friday back will help small retailers. The pandemic has shaken the economy, the government is spending billions of euros to bring small businesses to the surface, and is providing government subsidies for cheap state-backed loans and salaries.

In a sense, Black Friday’s delay is holding back small retailers. Some large chains allowed to stay open, such as supermarkets like Carrefour and electronics giants like Fnac and Dirty, have already printed promotional materials that may have to be scrapped. Was there.

Some major retailers have begun offering discounts this week. Others have contracted with the supplier for delivery in time for the November 27 promotion, but may need to postpone it now.

Small retailers are using lockdowns to accelerate the creation of websites and infrastructure and enable online ordering. The government is promoting a “click and collect” activity that allows customers to order online and collect their packages, encouraging the transition to online sales.

However, many shops do not yet have the resources to compete with large, organized retailers with a well-developed collection and delivery infrastructure.In some cases, the government intervened with even more subsidies: recently announced that bookstores would pay postage to send. Order by mail as a way to encourage French people to buy locally instead of Amazon.

But the online giant will continue to be a big pandemic winner. Global sales surged 35% to $ 260 billion in the first nine months of this year.

Global Black Friday sales are expected to generate billions more dollars. This is currently taking place on 27 November everywhere in the world except France.

France postpones Black Friday-New York Times

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