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Frank Lloyd Wright’s legacy lives on in Kansas City – Kansas City, Missouri

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Kansas City, Missouri — It is Michael Miner’s mission to protect Frank Lloyd Wright’s vision.

“Frank Lloyd Wright is one of the greatest architects of all time. One of the greatest creative geniuses,” said CEO Michael Miner. Frank Lloyd Wright Revival Initiative.. “We were originally founded to rebuild Frank Lloyd Wright’s structures that were destroyed or lost in their original location.”

Restoring the past and redesigning the present is why miners have started the initiative.

“I thought we were beyond the point of losing Frank Lloyd Wright’s building. When we lost that building, we expanded the power of nonprofits to help repair the owners of the building. I included doing that, “said Minor.

Minor’s work includes owners like Homer Williams, who has been walking through the halls of Briercliffe’s Kansas City “Bothouse” designed by Wright for over 30 years.

“Eloise Botz was an unforgettable person. When she passed by, I had the first right to refuse to buy a house, and I was able to do that, it was That’s how it happened. ”

Saturday fundraising Public for visiting the houseArchitect Williams himself continues to monitor Frank Lloyd Wright’s vision with the test of time in mind.

“His entire career was largely based on the new identity of being American and indigenous. We do not imitate European style, but the materials and methods that sustain our lives. I used it, “Williams said.

The foundation Frank Lloyd Wright laid for his creative contribution to KC will leave his mark over the next few decades, saying that miners can’t lose.

“Educate your children and educate yourself. You can’t make a mistake in art,” Miner said. Wright always said it was natural — and he was right about it — it never fails you. True art will not fail you either. ”

Frank Lloyd Wright’s legacy lives on in Kansas City Source link Frank Lloyd Wright’s legacy lives on in Kansas City

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