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Former President Franklin D. Roosevelt has sparked controversy over when to celebrate the holidays.

Tampa, Florida — Thanksgiving usually takes place on the last Thursday of November each year. However, in 1939, then President Franklin D. Roosevelt decided to increase the day by a week.

according to House history, arts and archives, Thanksgiving was not a regular holiday when Roosevelt was president. He later declared the last Thursday of November as National Foundation Day.

With the exception of 1939, before the holidays became official, Roosevelt decided to move the Holy Day up a week. reason? According to the archive, Roosevelt was trying to extend the holiday shopping season to help businesses recover from the protracted effects of the Great Depression.

However, many did not want Thanksgiving to be tampered with.according to FDR libraryThe move was so controversial that a letter flowed into the White House and challenged the change. This led to a split celebration, with some choosing to celebrate traditional dates and others going with the phrase “Frank Giving,” coined by Switch critics.

A letter written by Shelby Bennett asked Roosevelt to change Thanksgiving and then another day of the week.

“Now, I have some things I want to do and I would appreciate your approval. I changed Sunday to Wednesday. Monday will be Christmas. Working on Tuesday is strictly against God’s will. I read the letter.

According to the FDR Library, some companies are happy with a week’s shopping, while others are dissatisfied with losing their business in a large store. Calendaring, a particular type of business, has been particularly devastating. Since they had already printed the calendar many years ago, switching holidays meant that the calendar was out of date.

It wasn’t just the stores that were affected. We received letters about soccer game interruptions, class schedules, school closures, and more.

Roosevelt continued to raise his vacation in 1940 and 1941, eventually causing lawmakers to take action. According to the archive, on January 3, 1941, Michigan Rep. Earl Mitchener announced a resolution setting the last Thursday of November as the official Thanksgiving Day. It will take eight months for the bill to pass, but Roosevelt signed the bill in December. It came into effect in 1942.

Now, we celebrate Thanksgiving on the last Thursday of November.

‘Franksgiving’: How the date of Thanksgiving got changed Source link ‘Franksgiving’: How the date of Thanksgiving got changed

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