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Free Aaron Rodgers! Why the Broncos and the reigning MVP could make for a beautiful love story. – The Denver Post – Colorado Springs, Colorado

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Free Aaron Rodgers!

When the quarterback sees it raining in the Rocky Mountains, how the Green Bay Packers want to keep Rogers against his will as a prisoner of the frozen Midwestern gray tundra. Are you out?

“We continue to commit to Aaron since 2021,” said Mark Murphy, president of Packers.

Well, please do your best, Mr. Murphy. But it wasn’t Rogers who started this turmoil a year ago by drafting the quarterback Jordan Love. Green Bay dropped an insulting and less subtle hint that the Packers had already planned their lives after one of the few true elite quarterbacks in the game moved. on.

And here Rogers would want to trade to Broncos. That’s because it’s deeper than the crisp routes run by receiver Cortland Sutton and the delicious meatballs offered by Director Big Fangio.

Her name is Shailene Woodley. She is a 29-year-old actress who is engaged to Rogers. And he hangs out with her regularly in Colorado. In Colorado, she enjoys freezing between performances.

I often tell Star Track fans that professional sports work like any other life, except for a mansion with a scoreboard and an underground bowling alley. Therefore, there is no doubt that Broncos is on Rogers’ short list of desired trade destinations. Not only the moment he steps into Denver’s locker room, the current league’s MVP will be closer to winning the championship than if he were staying in Green Bay.

OK, contrary to common myth, Yoko Ono was not responsible for the dissolution of the Beatles. And if you think Lara Basquez is the root cause of the troublesome divorce between Carmelo Anthony and the Nuggets, the part where team management felt the financial pressure to dismantle the roster of the 2009 Western Conference finals. Was conveniently ignored.

But I’m convinced that Woodley makes Denver a fascinating place for Rogers to star in the second act of his Hall of Fame career.Maybe even more attractive than Los Angeles, where Rogers could be within the screaming distance Jeopardy! The studio when the show called on someone to host. The Rogers grew up in Northern California and the 49ers reportedly sought a deal for him, but Kyle Shanahan doesn’t have the charm of Woodley’s fall in love with a 37-year-old quarterback. ..

Rogers and Woodley hung out with all the beautiful people in Churchill Downs on Saturday when the Medina Spirit won the Kentucky Derby’s 147th run. Dissatisfied Packers quarterbacks refused a camera interview, but NBC’s Mike Tillico told Green Bay fans that he loved them but didn’t know where the soap opera was heading next.

The Packers are trying to keep Rogers out of them, but even if that means kicking back on the couch with Woodley until he forces a deal, it’s new to pry the door open. It’s the job of George Paton, General Manager of Broncos.

Peyton once again claimed that when the first draft in Denver was completed, he liked the quarterback room where Drew Lock and veteran Teddy Bridgewater currently live. Paton also cautiously says he is ready to add another quarterback, even if he avoids the suggestion that the team is interested in Rodgers.

With a gentle feeling in every aspect of the Green Bay turmoil, Paton will have to perform a delicate dance to convince the Packers he is a man to get rid of Rogers’ problems from their hands.

A year ago, Tom Brady left a 20-year history at the New England Patriots and brought his championship resume to Tampa Bay. Tampa Bay isn’t a bad NFL city to tan, but it’s not considered the best place to win the Super Bowl Ring. But the Buccaneers did everything in their power to empower Brady and make him feel worth it. This is much the same way John Elway courted Peyton Manning as a free agent in 2012.

Behold, Brady quickly won the championship in Tampa, as Manning did before he retired from Broncos. It is a quarterback league. Unlike the Packers, smart teams do everything they can to meet the whims of great teams.

Free Aaron Rodgers! Why the Broncos and the reigning MVP could make for a beautiful love story. – The Denver Post Source link Free Aaron Rodgers! Why the Broncos and the reigning MVP could make for a beautiful love story. – The Denver Post

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