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Tucson, Arizona (KGUN) — As the summer heat in Arizona begins and the temperature rises, more children are looking for something in the summer. Tucson’s Boys and Girls Club offers a 6-week summer program free of charge for children ages 7-17. This is called the AZOnTrack Summer Camp and is part of a new initiative sponsored by Governor Doug Ducey. The goal is to speed up children who are late at school during a pandemic. Children are investigated in the classroom to identify their needs. Anayeli Melkumyan is the club director of Steve Daru Clubhouse in Tucson, she says, and her parents need to register their children as soon as possible.

“We make sure that it helps to read scholars, math, and the specific academic needs they have. Here are tutors and teachers. Scholars are offered in the morning session and for lunch. Go and it’s a fun time after lunch, “Merkmyan said.

We also need full-time staff during the summer to assist with programs and field trips. Meals are free and application times vary by day of the week, but can take up to 24 hours.

“We serve breakfast and lunch through the TUSD Food Service. If they have specific needs, they will definitely want to serve their own lunch,” said Melkumyan. ..

Denisse Alverez of Better Business Bureau says that before signing up for a summer camp, you need to make sure your parents have the accommodation and certification you need for the camp, especially if you’re outside the town.

“Many children take medicines that must be given daily, so you want to make sure they are ready to do it for your child,” Alvarez said. Told.

“We offer tours, so if your parents are interested, you can come and see the facility and meet the staff,” said Merck Myan.

According to the state, at least $ 100 million has been invested to launch the AZOnTrack summer camp, and more money can be added as needed. Tucson has six Boys and Girls Club branches, along with other institutions that offer free camps. Please be sure to call in advance to check the available space. Hours are Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm.

“We encourage you to wear a mask. You don’t need to do a temperature check at the clubhouse. If your child is sick, leave it at home,” said Melkmyan.

The Boys and Girls Club camp will begin on June 6th.




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