#FreeBritney: Britney Spears asks judge to free her from conservatorship – Fresno, California

Fresno, California 2021-06-23 18:02:42 –

From Los Angeles-Britney Spears called on the judge on Wednesday to end the court guardianship system that has managed her life and money since 2008.

The dramatic demands at the Los Angeles hearing came along with her first words in the 13-year-old power of attorney public court.

The spear called the power of attorney “abuse” and blamed her father and others who controlled it.

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“I want to end this protection unappreciated,” Spears said in a long, emotional, and sometimes profane speech, in which she accused her father of controlling most of the legal arrangements and their existence. did.

“This power of attorney is far more harmful to me than good,” she said. “I deserve to live my life.”

Spears said she wanted to marry her boyfriend and give birth to a baby, but the power of attorney wouldn’t allow her to do so.

Before the hearing, about 100 fans of the so-called #FreeBritney movement gathered outside the court with a sign saying “Free Britney now!”. “Get out of Britney’s life!”

Jennifer Preston, 33, crossed the country from Richmond, Virginia, and went out of hearing. “I’m a mom and a fan,” she says.

“We are here to hear what she has to say,” Preston said. “She has been treated like a child for the past 13 years, she clearly has enough ability to do those things, but she can’t control her life and her finances. was.”

The spear spoke in court from a remote location on the phone.

Samuel Ingham III, a lawyer appointed in her court, asked pop stars to speak in court at a hearing in April. He said Spears had not officially requested him to file a petition to terminate the power of attorney.

Britney Spears had previously spoken to a power of attorney court, but the court was always tidied up and records were sealed.

It was May 2019 that she was last known to address the judge.

Since then, Spears have demanded more transparency from the courts, and Penny has allowed far more people to stay public.

She was hit by a mental health crisis in 2008, so the power of attorney was introduced. She acknowledges it by saving her from financial ruin and maintaining her top flight pop star.

Her father and his lawyer emphasized that her and her property, whose court records exceeded $ 50 million, remained vulnerable to fraud and manipulation. Under the law, it is the responsibility of the Spears to prove that they have the ability to be released and that they are free to make their own choices.


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#FreeBritney: Britney Spears asks judge to free her from conservatorship Source link #FreeBritney: Britney Spears asks judge to free her from conservatorship

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