French protesters march against vaccination obligations and passing

Approximately 160,000 people, including far-right activists and members of the Yellow Vest movement in France, demand that they have a special virus pass to enter the restaurant on Saturday, requiring all healthcare professionals to be vaccinated with COVID-19. I protested the bill.

A similar protest was made in neighboring Italy.

Most rallies were orderly, but police fired water cannons and tear gas at violent protesters in Paris.

French senators were discussing the virus bill on Saturday after the House of Representatives approved it on Friday as virus infections surged and hospitalizations increased. The French government wants to speed up vaccinations to protect vulnerable people and hospitals and avoid new blockages.

Most French adults are fully vaccinated, and polls show that the majority of French people support the new measures. But not everyone.

Protesters chanting “Liberty! Liberty!” Gathered at Place de la Bastille and marched through eastern Paris on one of several demonstrations around France on Saturday. Thousands also attended a rally across the Seine from the Eiffel Tower, hosted by a former senior official of the Marine Le Pen immigration party.

Outbreak of French virus
Florian Philip of the right-wing leader, Les Patriots, stands in front of thousands of protesters gathered at Place du Trocadero near the Eiffel Tower on Saturday.

Rafael Yagobzade / AP

Most protesters were calm, but tensions increased at the end of the Bastille procession. The riot police sprayed the marcher with tear gas after someone threw a chair at the police officer. Other projectiles were also thrown. Later, some protesters moved to the Arc de Triomphe, and police used water cannons to disperse them.

The marcher included not only far-right politicians and activists, but also those who were angry with President Emmanuel Macron. They were angry with the French “health pass” needed to enter museums, cinemas and tourist destinations. The bill under discussion will extend pass requirements to all restaurants and bars in France, and several other places.

To get a pass, people need to have evidence that they are completely vaccinated, have recently been tested negative, or have recently recovered from the virus.

French parliamentarians are divided on how much to impose health passes and compulsory vaccinations, but infectious diseases are on the rise rapidly. More than 111,000 people are infected with the virus in France, with just a few thousand to about 20,000 new infections per day in early July.

Outbreak of French virus
Protesters will participate in a demonstration against the COVID-19 Pass in Paris, France, on Saturday. This will give vaccinated individuals easy access to the venue.

Rafael Yagobzade / AP

With more than 2 billion people vaccinated worldwide, information about the COVID-19 vaccine is now widely available, but many protesters feel they are plunging into unpreparedness. Said.

Clinic secretary Celine Augen does not want to be vaccinated and is ready to lose her job under new measures.

“We have to wait a bit for the French people to make a decision … parts of France are always reluctant and I don’t think blackmail or intimidation will work,” said engineer Ayoub Bouglia.

In Italy, thousands of protesters gather in Rome, Milan, Verona and other cities on Saturday to give a “green pass” to access indoor dining, local trade fairs, stadiums, cinemas and other meeting places. I protested the government’s decision to demand.

In the northern city of Verona, thousands marched through the main shopping street and shouted, “There is no green pass!” “Freedom!” They included families with young children, doctors who said they were endangering their jobs to avoid vaccination, and people who likened the Green Pass decision to a fascist dictatorship decision. Was included.

The demonstration proceeded peacefully and dissipated into the crowd on a summer night.

Despite voice opposition, Italy’s new requirements, which came into effect on August 3, have boosted vaccination reservations in Italy, and so far almost half of the eligible population have been fully vaccinated.

French protesters march against vaccination obligations and passing

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