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French Sauvignon Blanc that we should drink more often

Made from The same grapes, Sancerre and Puyufume, in almost the same location, follow very different orbits. Both wines are made from Sauvignon Blanc and grown upstream of the Loire Valley in France, where Sancerre is a star, but Puyufume is barely visible, at least on the state side. Most of the wine shops I visited had no shelves on the shelves.

Fifty years ago, Pouilly-Fumé was so famous and popular that American wine pioneer Robert Mondavi adopted part of its name for his (California) Sauvignon Blanc. Robert Mondavi Fume Blanc was a huge success and urged him to follow many domestic wineries. However, by the 1980s, French Fume began to decline as Sancerre began to skyrocket.

The soils of Pouilly-Fumé and Sancerre are quite similar. Both are based on limestone and clay, and the wines grown in the two locations are said to be quite similar. As Jancis Robinson and Hugh Johnson mentioned in the eighth edition of The World Atlas of Wine, “It would be a brave taster who claimed that he or she could always distinguish Puri Leaf Me from Sancerre. The best are at the same level … ”

I was wondering because the two wines are certainly very similar. Why did one dominate the world and the other almost off the map? And is the Pouilly-Fumés found in US wine stores today really worth the search?

I asked the first question to the wine maker Karine Lauverjat. He works with his husband Christian Lauverjat at a Sancerre-based winery to produce very good Sancerre and Pouilly-Fumé and several other wines. “Sansale has undergone extensive media promotions and is now a” not-to-be-missed “place with hillside plateaus, historic town centres and beautiful views,” she wrote in an email. increase. “Sancerre can even be said to be the most popular city in France.”

French Sauvignon Blanc that we should drink more often

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