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French Union claims € 2.5 billion media impact value at 2021 event in Paris

The Haute Couture et de la Mode Federation released a quote on Friday, recording a total media impact value (MIV) of around € 2.5 billion for all official catwalk seasons in Paris so far in 2021. I made it clear that I did.

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Cooperation with partners LaunchmetricsThe Federation, a fashion and beauty Franco-American data analysis group, reveals that including all 188 events officially listed in Paris this year will bring the MIV to a total of $ 242.92 million. Did.

The French fashion governing federation included all three catwalk seasons in Paris, including menswear, which took place January 19-24. Haute couture, January 25-28. And women’s ready-made garments, March 1-10.

Due to the pandemic this year, almost all three seasons took place online. In March’s ready-to-wear season, the most important single runway week on the planet in terms of brand power and ideas, there were only two small live shows with a strict social distance.

Nonetheless, Launchmetrics estimates women’s ready-to-wear season MIV at a whopping $ 132 million, demonstrating continued global traction for the Paris season. The MIV for the haute couture season was € 71.4 million. The price of menswear was 39.5 million euros.

In recent years, the federation has worked hard to expand its international media partner coterie. Google, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Canal +, Asahi Shimbun, Kommersant, CNN. At the same time, we have a strong presence in China through link-ups in China. Weibo, Tencent Video and WeChat, permission Paris fashion week Reaching a large, and often youthful, international audience.

Overall, 170 homes, both long-time federation members and invited guesthouses, have posted shows, videos, live streams and fashion flicks on their expanded global network.

Louis Vuitton-Autumn / Winter 2021-Men’s Wear-Paris-© Pixel Formula

“The content of Paris Fashion Week and Haute Couture Week has benefited from unprecedented international expansion, which, in addition to the measures taken by the House, not only serves as the capital of fashion, but also fashion. Has also strengthened its role as a digital capital. ”Insisted on the federation with the release.

Launchmetrics estimates that the three-season fashion event attracted 467,000 visitors. Watched 1.5 million pages and 354 million video content views, more than 95% of which are on YouTube.

“Paris has proven to be the capital of Digital Fashion Week,” Launchmetrics CEO Michael Jais told “Sure, we’re lucky to be in a city that is known not only for their savoir-faire and design, but also for how to create an emotional connection between the experience and the audience. This is the brand. The key to creating performance. An impactful and memorable brand experience.

“Although the numbers include the Chinese market, France remains the top country, followed by the United States, which has more than doubled its media impact.

“As brands begin to understand the state of social media in China and learn to leverage media channels owned abroad, this number is expected to increase as Chinese consumers are at the forefront of today’s brand strategy. Will be done, “he concluded.

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French Union claims € 2.5 billion media impact value at 2021 event in Paris

Source link French Union claims € 2.5 billion media impact value at 2021 event in Paris

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