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Fresno businessman Morrell “Mau” Bagnu, who managed Manchester Center Mall and was active in a local citizenship, died Monday at the age of 57 after a brief fight against cancer.

“Moe fought abdominal cancer for four months. We soon knew the catastrophic prognosis,” his wife, Julie Orlando Bagnu, said in a statement.

“He believed that God called him to this part of his journey because he knew that Moe could handle it and glorify him, and he did. I did, “she said.

Strong community supporters

Local business and community leaders mourn his death.

Scott Miller, CEO of the Fresno Chamber of Commerce, worked with Bagnu on the board of directors of the business organization, saying he would be memorable for hours.Optimism and a motivated attitude. Bagunu chaired the board of directors in 2018.

Miller described Bagnu not only as always smiling, laughing and joking, but also as a strong local supporter. In addition to pursuing business, Bagunu was an avid fisherman who shared his love for sports and the community by teaching regularly. Boat trips for young people from underprivileged areas.

“It’s a big deal to lose such a person in the community,” Miller said. “There is one cheerleader with little passion.”

Efforts to improve supported Blackstone Avenue

Keithberg Sold, executive director of the Fresno Metro Ministry, said Bagnu is a trusted partner in efforts to uplift and revitalize the city. He was involved in the city’s efforts to improve the Corridor on Blackstone Avenue and often held meetings at the mall to move the project forward.

Bagunu recalled Bergthold, who brought in new ideas for improving the cityscape, preserving old buildings and bringing more homes and businesses.

“Moe was a great man, a great businessman, and a great shopping center director,” he said. “He has a lot of integrity and is perfect in his words, and I think his leadership at the Chamber of Commerce is a great example.”

“He was a great man and entrepreneur who invested in the city center of Fresno. It’s a shame to see him leave us,” said Darius Assemi, president and CEO of Granville Homes. (Assemi is the publisher of GV Wire.)

Love for fishing has become a service to others

Peter Orlando, a leasing agent at the Manchester Center, and his wife praised Bagnu’s dedication to his family and community.

“Moe was a great husband, employee, philanthropist, community advocate, and fisherman. He stood out from others with his amazing passion for each segment of his life,” said Orlando. Told. “We need more moe in the world!”

Sandra Cortez, assistant director of the Manchester Center, has been working with Bagno since 2006, first at the Fashion Fairmall and then at the Manchester Center.

Although Bagno’s focus on business was clear, Cortez said fishing was never far from his heart.

“He always gave me fishing advice. If anyone could tell you, Moe would be one of them,” she said. This included sponsoring a bass fishing club at Roosevelt High School.

MoBagunu, the fourth from the right, a bass fishing club at Roosevelt High School. Bagunu has supported clubs for nearly a decade and often took them on boat trips around California. (Photo courtesy of Mike Spencer)

“He always had this idea of ​​serving his community and played an important role in the Roosevelt Fishing Club,” Cortez said.

When people call me now and say “where can I send flowers” or “where can I donate on his behalf”, I’m the best you can do for him It says that it is to continue to help the teacher and the children participating in the fishing competition. “

“Loss for children”

Roosevelt’s English teacher Mike Spencer, an adviser to the fishing club, said he contacted Bagnu in 2012 after hearing about the club.

He said Bagnu had a major impact on the lives of young people and took them on a boat trip to lakes throughout the state, including helping students arrange travel expenses.

“He was very enthusiastic about giving back to the community. He understood the importance of helping young people believe in themselves and see good results for them and their lives to move forward. I did, “Spencer said.

“It’s a loss for the kids, and for all the kids who come after it, because they’re not going to get on the boat and get the experience of talking to a guy who always talks to them about positive choices and actions. Because I teach the world to be positive and to give back to them. “

Memorial ceremony

Julie Bagnu said her husband inspired the people around him.

“The courage and strength he showed to me, his family and friends was great and never wavered,” she said in a statement.

“I pulled out of him every day. He always maintained a sense of humor and the ability to show love to visitors. My love and respect for his personality, charm, and the vibrancy of life. It will be remembered and cherished forever. “

A memorial to celebrate Bagnu’s life will be held on Friday, July 23, at 10 am at Clovis Hills Church.

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