Fresno Chaffee Zoo officials keeping close eye on Avian flu – Fresno, California

Fresno, California 2022-05-12 21:50:58 –

Fresno, CA (KFSN)-The Fresno Chaffee Zoo is open, but officials say the number of birds found in the zoo may be reduced.

Bird flu, or bird flu, is a virus that usually spreads to wild aquatic birds.

Now on the west coast, heading to California.

Zoo officials like Linmyers are making changes to make safety mistakes.

“If you can’t mitigate the exhibits and make changes, when the disease approaches, you can actually get rid of the birds for a short time and put them in a place where you can mitigate the animals coming and going,” Myers said. Said.

Currently, zoo officials are dealing with the H5N1 strain.

Because the virus primarily carries waterfowl, authorities are working to eliminate access to the habitats of Canada geese and mallards that come with flamingos rather than some of the animals that live in the zoo. ..

You may need to move the flamingos to reduce the exposure.

“If so, we must move them to a behind-the-scenes area, where we can control those who invade and contact their food sources and such water sources. “Masu,” said Myers.

According to the CDC, the virus rarely affects people, so they consider the risk to the general public to be very low.

“We prevent visitors from coming into contact with the secretions of these animals as much as possible,” says Dr. Shannon Nodolf. “Our staff asks you to wear gloves and masks to protect yourself when you go to places where you clean up animal waste or manipulate animal food. That risk for the general public. Is incredibly low. “”

Some birds can carry the virus and do not develop symptoms.

Animals may be perfectly healthy, but they are also carriers and passing it on to other animals that may exhibit mild weakness and lethargy, other animals that may succumb to illness. I can.

Dr. Nodolf encourages the general public to take action and know what signs to look for.

“Raising public awareness is really the first step,” she said. “We must help prevent other animals from becoming contaminated and succumbing to the disease.”

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Fresno Chaffee Zoo officials keeping close eye on Avian flu Source link Fresno Chaffee Zoo officials keeping close eye on Avian flu

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