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Fresno, California 2021-06-10 20:55:15 –

Fresno, CA (KFSN)-The Fresno City Council has agreed to take over the state regarding code enforcement at mobile home parks in Fresno.

This action will occur within 24 hours of the fire destroying three homes in a mobile home park whose permission has been suspended.

“I was watching TV and I heard a lot of pop noise. All the circuits popped and went out and there was a big fire,” said Salvador Rodriguez Jr.

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He lives in Trails End Mobile Home Park on Sierra Avenue near Blackstone Avenue.

Rodriguez Jr. and his family passed through what was left of their home on Thursday afternoon.

It was one of the mobile homes destroyed on Wednesday night.

“This place is a problem for our city,” said Fresno Fire Chief Keri Donis.

Donnis said access issues and large amounts of combustibles make the place dangerous for firefighters and the people who live there.

The cause of the fire on Wednesday is still under investigation, but Donis said it could have been electrical.

According to Donnis, he was called to Mobile Home Park 10 times during the last year.

“Two of them caused fires and one caused tragic loss of life,” Donis said.

In April, 56-year-old Ron Richardson died in a fire there.

California Housing and Community Development (HCD) suspended park permits in January due to unsanitary and substandard conditions.

The state government had to warn the city’s law enforcement agencies, but instead erroneously contacted Fresno County.

To avoid future misunderstandings, Mayor Jerry Dyer and Councilor Gary Bredefeld proposed the “Mobile Home Park Act” last month.

On Thursday morning, the Fresno City Council officially adopted the ordinance.

Soon, the city of Fresno will have full control over all code enforcement obligations related to mobile home parks on behalf of HCD.

“I have a message for the residents of Trails End. Help is approaching,” said Bredefeld.

Mr Bredefeld said the moment the city received approval from the HCD, he would send law enforcement officers to ensure that the park was safe for the inhabitants.

As of Thursday, HCD officials said they had posted notices to eventually exhaust and mitigate all enforcement capabilities.

Mayor Dier said he would work with HCD until the city took over responsibility.

“We can’t afford another fire at the trail-end mobile home park or other mobile homes in the city,” Dyer said.

Mobile Home Park must make the corrections required by HCD by June 26th. If not, HCD said it would call on the city of Fresno to enforce the code.

By the end of June, the city of Fresno will take full responsibility for the city’s mobile home park under state supervision.

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